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Have you ever wanted to just escape for the weekend, but you constantly stop yourself? The reasons why you stop yourself may vary, but for me it was because I had no idea where to start and I had always heard that camping was just too expensive.

Inspired by my idle and huge influence on my life ‘Bear Grylls’ I decided I was going to do something about this fear of mine. I took the plunge and have not looked back since. I of course made many mistakes which I am oddly grateful for. Through this trial and error I was able to research and learn about what makes tents etc good quality, what is a good price and what to avoid, ensuring satisfaction and an all round good time escaping with nature. Hopefully by using my comparisons and advise you will have the easy route and avoid the mistakes I made.

I designed this website because I feel there was a need to share my knowledge to others. To help them compare and purchase quality tents using my research trial and error. I personally found it difficult to find good information which offered honest reviews and comparisons on items.

About Me

My First name is Steve and I consider myself very open and honest. I would like to encourage you all to openly engage with me and my website content. Feel free to contact me or share your opinions with me whilst visiting.

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I truly hope I can help people with their purchases and adventures.

Kind Regards

Founder and Author of Tents For Couples

Mr. Morrow.

Email: mr.morrow@tentsforcouples.com

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