Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Camping Tent

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Description: Coleman 8 Person Car Camping Tent

Type: Dome Type

Size: 8 Person ( Suitable For 4 )

Customer Average score: 3.9 Stars

Our Score: 5.8/10 = 2.9 Stars

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The price of these products is fantastic for the family sized tent category. As mentioned in previous posts we believe a tent of amazing quality should cost no more than $100 per claimed person space. In the case of this Coleman 8 Person Family tent, such pricing has been achieved. If anything its price suggests that it is essentially a little on the cheap end of things. However, in the defense of this product it does has the basics covered well, with a few higher quality considerations and a few short Cummings. Either way the end product is what you are paying for and a little more.


The Tents main body, rainfly and ground sheet are all made of polyester. Unfortunately if you are looking for a good quality tent that is also affordable than your tent will be made of either this material or nylon. Other tent materials such as canvas or poly-cotton are far more expensive, have different strengths and limitations to polyester and often out perform and out last the tents made of the cheaper material.

Polyester performs poorly for ventilation and insulation. It is important to highlight that despite these limitations manufacturers often design their tents to decrease such limitation and use them in their favor to provide a more affordable lightweight product. The design of this family tent is a fine example of this. We will explain further in the post, but in short the tent is fantastic for ventilation.

The pros and cons of polyester seem to be well-balanced as a material for camping tents. It is lightweight and naturally water resistant. The lightweight material means that the structure can be secure and durable by using lighter weight tent pole materials, such as aluminum.

This means your tent will be more affordable !

A downside to polyester is that it doesn’t handle long duration of sun exposure too well. The material, without added coatings can faid, and sag. For these reasons it is often suggested that any polyester or nylon tents be erected under shade, secondly it is also encouraged to avoid keeping the tent erect throughout the entire day to reduce sun damage and excessive heat exposure. Though often fantastic for casual summer camping on the weekend, these types of tents are not suitable for log term occupancy or living in.

Another limitation of the material being so lightweight is that it can flap about very noisily and easily in the wind. However, the design of this tent has made considerations for such limitations with its framework, so a peaceful nights sleep is not something you will go without.


This product comes with the basic features and few extras. Though the tent doesn’t have any vestibules it does however come with material dividers. This is fantastic for a couple camping by themselves or with children. Essentially this feature allows you create an internal storage area either in the middle or the side with a walk way. This feature is in many ways better than a vestibule as it can keep all of your belongings safe and dry, in contrast not all vestibules can achieve this as they are not completely sealed.

The products windows, no see-um mesh, rainfly and vent all work together to create plenty of ventilation no matter which direction the tent is positioned. This design overcomes the poor ventilation issues of polyester while also providing a lighter camping package.

This Coleman 8 person tent comes with three large internal windows with insect protective mesh. These windows are designed to be open with the rainfly on top to provide both protection from the weather whilst also maintaing comfort levels. However, if the whether is fine you can always have the tent set up without the rainfly for a beautiful view of the night sky.

There is of course a door which is double layered so that it can either be completely sealed or open with insect mesh protecting the occupants from annoying pests. A few more extras include internal pockets to protect your personal items and an expandable carry bag to make transporting your tent easier.


This product scored very well for durability. The tent poles are shock corded aluminum which is fantastic for maintaining strength and flexibility. This flexibility provides the tent with strength during strong winds but also allows the tent poles to maintain their strength under constant tension. The constant tension is than further supported by the tent’s material itself. Reinforced tethers of material and clips are attached to the tents frame and main body essentially working together to maintain the erected tent whilst providing the constant tension the shock corded tent poles require.

The tent material is well constructed thanks to the Coleman Weather-Tec features. The materials seams are double sewn and inverted, this achieves both a very strong seam that now also has additional protection from thee elements, essentially preventing weakening of the seams via moisture or other environmental wearing.

The zips as with most Coleman single door tents are very durable. The zips are a reinforced double zipper system complete with assist zipping pull tags and exterior flaps. The flaps provide the zips protection from moisture and dirt build up, while the double assist zips provide a reliable safe exit by reducing zipper fail. This is achieved by spreading the zips workload across two zips instead of one essentially halving the zippers work load.


An 8 person camping tent sounds more appropriate for a large family, but with most tents the advertised size is specifying the number of sleeping bags it can fit. A general rule of thumb is to halve the claimed space and go for something at least double for the amount of occupants. As mentioned earlier in the features section this tent is excellent for a couple who either want a sleeping space with a walkway and separate sleeping quarters or a couple who have children. The material room dividers provide a flexible customizable camping arrangement for many occasions.


As you can imagine a large family tents is of course heavier and more difficult to transport. However, in the example of this product its weight is its only limitation. The product comes with a rather suitable carry case, which is perfect for short walks from a vehicle to a desired camping spot. It is of course not suitable for hiking camping as it its weight of 21lps and carry size of 25.2 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches makes it rather inpractible and potentially unsafe to carry for long distances.

Season Rating

Most camping tents come with some form of season rating. These ratings range from a basic summer tent to a 4 season tent. The different levels of season rating indicate to the consumer what temperature and whether the tent will ne able to handle. As the level of season rating increases it is common for these tents to be fitted with multiple levels of material and insulation. As this product does not come with a specified season rating, is made of polyester ( a poor insulator) and is not equipped with insulation it is best to assume that this product is best suited for summer and spring camping in fine whether. However, in the tents defense it is equipped with the Coleman Weather-Tec system which provides additional protection should the weather turn for the worst.

As mentioned by verified purchase customer comments, the tent does fail at keeping out the cold, however this can be easily managed by packing and wearing clothing suitable for the predicted weather of your camping destination. Secondly for nighttime, purchasing an appropriate temperature graded sleeping bag will keep you warm and snug.

Here is a fine suggestion a 4 season sleeping bag

4 Season Sleeping Bag

Wind And Water Resistance

Thanks to the Coleman Weather-Tec system any tent the comes with the feature is basically guaranteed to be both water resistant and hold up well against strong winds. It is worth noting that a few customers have expressed issues of snapping tent poles during strong winds, however this is usually avoided by ensuring the tent is set up correctly and the instructions a followed. Most customer feed back suggests no issues with the tent poles.

As part of the Weather-Tecsystem the tents rainfly is coated with a water resistant layer of 2000mm Hydrostatic Head. Secondly the tent base is specially welded higher up the tents main body. This feature is often referred to as a floor tub design. The design allows for the seams of the tents floor to be higher up and away from pooling or running water. This water has a risk of entering the seams and either causing a leak or a build up of moisture in the seams resulting in rot and an over all weaker seam.

All the tents seams are inverted and double sewn. This feature provides both a very strong seam but it also prevents the seams from being exposed to moisture. However, it was highlighted by verified purchase customers that a few of the tents did leak during extreme downpours.

Many customers who purchased this tent chose the option to apply extra water sealant for the tent seams to prevent any such leaks.

Tent & Sealant Combo

In terms of wind resistance, the Coleman 8 Person family tent does perform rather well. This is credited to its dome like shape and smooth edge design in combination with its clever flexible frame work. The tents shape allow wind of any direction to simple roll over the tent and flex the tent poles, essentially minimizing the weight and force of the wind on the tent. In contrast to an A-shaped or cabin designed tent the wind would hit a fat wall and would place the tent frames under too much pressure. That is why most cabin tents of this design have a far more rigid and heavier tent frame design.

Guarantee Level

This product comes with a product warrant from Amazon.


Though the warranty is rather limited it is worth highlighting that
this tent is cheap for what it provides. Fair to say that similar tents
often do not provide a warranty.

Secondly most products purchased from Coleman do come with a limited
manufacturers warranty. This is usually achieved by registering the
product with them on their website. The warranty covers basic
manufacturer failure and not general wear and tear.

To achieve the maximum life from your tent and avoid failure from
general ear and tear please read our free tent care hints and tips post

How To Care For Your Tent

Set Up Time

Set up time is about 15 minutes with two or more people assisting with the set up. Both the customer reviews set up time and the specified time on the product are similar, with the only variances being accounted to practice and knowledge of tent set-ups. It is advised to precise set up and pack down a few times before going on your adventures to identify any issues with the tent and to allow for an efficient set up at your destination should the tent need to be erected quickly in a whether emergency.


My Final thoughts of this product is that it is excellent for spring/summer camping for the weekend or holidays. It scored very well in the durability, size and price categories. The tent is affordable and though made of lightweight materials it is both affordable, lightweight and should last a decent amount of time, before separate repair purchases or additional protective coatings are required to maintain it. The tent is rather simple with limited extras which makes it perfect for storage and sleeping whilst you are out exploring the world. However, the tents total package weight is too heavy for hiking or backpacking and is more appropriate for a campsite a short walk from your vehicle. Though the warranty level and insulation is its short fall, proper camping practices can easily overcome these issues. Treat your tent correctly and wear whether appropriate clothing. As the set up time is rather lengthy in contrast to quick set up tents it is important to make sure you have your tent set up as soon as possible to avoid bad whether. Once your tent is set up you can be confident that it will do its job and keep you protected from wind and rain.

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