Coleman Instant 4 Person Camping Tent

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Type: Instant Set Up Cabin

Size: 4 Person (2 Person comfort with room for storage)

Customer score: 4.2/5 Stars

Our Score: 78% = 3.9/5 Stars

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Price is a rather interesting situation with this product as is rather affordable but it is also a rather limited package. Though the tent is designed with a dual layer of material to maximize water resistance it is still recommended purchasing a rain fly for the product which is sold separately, secondly it is advised to also purchase the tent set up kit which is also sold separately.

Purchasing all three of these products won’t cost an arm and a leg and to be honest, I’m a little confused why it isn’t included in the first place as the total price for all three still put this item under $100 per person space. When you realize just how well-designed this item is and what it is capable of I’m sure you will also agree That is both fantastic and affordable.


Rainfly (sold separately)


Tent Kit (Sold Separately)


The Coleman 4-Person Instant cabin tent is made of two layers of 150D polyester. Polyester is possibly the most common material used these days to make camping tents as it allows manufacturers to provide both a strong and lightweight package. Polyester is both naturally water resistant and also weighs less which allows for lighter tent pole frame work.

However, Polyester is know to sweat due to poor insulation and can also flap about a lot more in the wind in comparison to canvas due to its lighter weight. It is worth highlighting that these issues have been considered by the designers of the tent. With both an integrated ventilation system and an added wind stability system, we will discuss these features further in the post. In terms of strength a denier level of 150 is rather generous with the average denier level used by cheaper designed tents being around 70-90 denier.

To put it simply a denier level is a measurement of the size of thread used in the tread count. The larger the stronger in most cases. As always with any polyester camping tent it is advised to set up in partial shade as extended sun exposure can weaken the material.


Clearly the main features of this tent is its instant set up ability. Simply unfold and extend a few poles and its all done and ready to be pegged down. The tent doesn’t come with a vestibule or a rain fly as the key feature for those tent is to be set up quickly and these features would just add to longer set up times and weight of the overall carrying package. However, The tent is designed with two layers of material with inverted seams designed to create both an integrated rain fly whilst also creating added ventilation without the need have separate vents added. However, a separate rain fly can be purchased and is recommended by customers who have experienced terrible weather.

The cabin designed tent features two internal seal able windows and a main entrance which also features separate fly screen protection. This will allow you to optimism wind protections and ventilation and also provide protection from rain should the weather turn for the worst.

Sadly the tent does not come with an emergency exit, which unfortunately is becoming more of a common practice. Provided the zipper system is reinforced and reliable having a single exit should not be an issue should the need for a quick exit arise. I am pleased to say that this is the case for this tent and I will cover the zips further in the durability section.

As with most Coleman tents this tent features what is called a bathtub designed floor seam. Essentially what this involves is the bottom ground sheets seam connecting to the main tent body higher up the from the ground. This is fantastic as it provides an additional barrier that will prevent the entry of unwanted dirt or pooling water running into the tent from the outside.

Another notable feature is the tents dark out design. This involved darker shades of material and blackout windows and doors which provides a darker tent for longer should you wish to sleep in and not wake up with the sun.

Other features to mention is two storage pockets for your valuables, internal ties for open windows and a hook located on the ceiling for an internal night lantern should you desire to hang one up.


In Terms of Durability this quick set up cabin tent scored rather well.

The tent’s frame work is of an exoskeleton design which extents under tension to erect and support the internal tent material. The tent poles are made of aluminum with plenty of joins and angles to provide both added stability but also provides the frame for an additional external rain fly should you which to add one.

Rather, than using traditional grommets which involve inserting metal eyelets though the material to allow safe passage of guy lines and pegs. This tent has additional tethers of material reinforced into the seams of the main tent body. These tethers than extend and attach to the tents exterior frame under tension. This type of design is becoming increasingly more popular as it provided a higher level of durability by reducing additional stress on the tents main body material.

The sticking and seams of the tent are of a high quality and inverted. Due to the tents double layer of material this means that none of the tents seams are exposed to the weather. Secondly the base of the tent is welded to the main body of the tent essentially making it a lot stronger in comparison to a standard seam. Thirdly all seams are double stitched and taped which provided added strength and also prevents any moisture building up in the stitching weakening the seams over time.

As mentioned earlier in this review The tents zips are designed to ensure reliable zipping in all situations. This is achieved with dual rust resistant nylon spiral zips. These zips are reinforced with double sewn seams and are also protected from frost and moisture with an additional length of material covering the external exposed side of the zips. With all of these features in consideration you can should feel confident that the zips won’t fail in an emergency.


Size is always important and though this tent specifies its size is for four people that simply means it can fit four sleeping bags. If you want additional space for personal items you which to keep protected and dry than this tent is only suitable for two people. The cabin design of this tent is simply a 7×8 foot rectangle with a central height of 4ft 11 inches.

The size of this tent should provide you and your partner with a snug but room feeling and just enough room for crawling and sitting. It certainly isn’t designed to stand up in. You shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in two sleeping bags and your backpacks and shoes. Due to the tent not coming with a vestibule that space will be needed.

Internal Space


While the Coleman 4-Person scores full points for maneuverability it isn’t as easy to transport as a backpacking tent as this can simple be attached to the top of a hiking back pack. Secondly it is worth to mention that the package is rather limited as it doesn’t include a rain fly extra pegs, guy lines or mallet.

Though this does limit the overall weight of the package having the tent, and separate items added to the carry weight would obviously increase the over all weight. Why this tent still scored so highly is because of what the tent claims for its specified use. It is not a hiking backpacking tent though you could bring it along with you. Rather, it is more of an easy lightweight package for weekend camping that requires you to perhaps hike a little to your destination before setting up camp.

The lightweight package fits into a suitable carry bag which is included in the original purchase and weighs roughly 10 pounds, adding extra pegs, guy lines and a rain fly would bring it more towards 20lbs but that should be fine to carry over short distances to set up. If this tent was designed for long distance hiking than the weight would be far too much to carry and the maneuverability score would be reduced.

In conclusion the tent is rather manageable and street free in terms of maneuverability.

Season Rating

Season rating is essential to consider when purchasing a new tent. With the variety of weather and temperature conditions mother nature can throw at you it is vital that you know the area that you plan camp in and what weather you expect to face. This tent has a four seasons rating on it which means it can handle most temperatures and weather conditions. However, it is not designed for extreme cold or hot temperatures, in which case a more specialized tent would be required.

The tents double layered material design assists with ventilation and insulation whilst the dark out material design reduces sunlight by 90% which allows the tent to stay cooler for longer allowing for extended sleeping time and comfort levels

Wind And Water Resistance

Coleman are very proud of their wind resistance designs and this is evident with their claims of this tent being able to withstand winds up to 40-50mph without failure of poles buckling or a reduction in structural integrity. This is most likely due to the shape of the tent and the design of the pole structure. The tents shape though specified as a cabin is rather dome shaped which allows for wind to roll off and not place extra stress upon joints and materials. The frame and joint are also made of strong but also slightly flexible aluminum all supported by multiple joints which work together to reduce total stress upon the tents materials.

Water resistance is also rather important. No one want to get soaked inside their tent or wake up to wet belongings due to overnight moisture builds ups. The tents material is treated with polyguard as a water resistant to assist with water beading off of the material in contract to soaking through. all the seams are taped and the floor has higher hems up the main tent wall which are welded and sealed all to prevent water entering the tent.

However, it is worth mentioning that customers have voiced inconsistent result with the products water resistance. Some customers swear by the waterproofing and claim to have remained dry during showers and storms while others have expresses small leaks during poor weather with added suggestions to purchase the separately sold rain fly should you plan to knowingly camp where it will be raining. My opinion would be to purchase the rain fly and also purchase seams sealant separately. Apply the sealant before leaving on your trip of course. These added items aren’t expensive and will provide a heightened peace of mind.

Check it out for yourself

Seam Sealant (Sold Separately)


Guarantee Level

While this tent doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty a manufacturers limited warranty can be arranged with Coleman by registering our product. This warrant can vary but will essentially cover any faults with your tent from purchase that would be manufacture relevant and will not cover general wear and tear over a specified time after purchase and registration.

While that does seem rather limited for the price of the product it seams fair. In contrast, similar products by different companies do not offer a warranty at all.

For hints and tips of how to look after your tent and how to maximize your tents life check out helpful guide below

Tent care Guide

If you’re still uncertain and would like to see what customers who have purchases the same product are saying, check out the verified customer purchase review here

Set Up Time

As specified in the title. This tent if of an instant set up design, while not a quick as a spring instant pop up tent it is still incredibly easy and fast to set up and in contrast is much more stable and durable. The method to erect the tent simply involved unfolding the tent into positions and than extending tent poles into place to create a frame which will support the tent body and material. Coleman claims this tent can be set up in under one minute, however I believe this is only the case for two or more people as single people have voiced increased difficulty to erect the tents on their own. Considering this is a tent designed for four and comfortable for two it is fair to say that the tent was designed to be set up by more than one person. In conclusion the tent is simple and hassle free to set up

Final Thoughts

I believe this is a quality tent for car camping or setting up camp at a fishing spot. Basically what I am saying is that its great for the types of adventures where your car is still close by and really isn’t appropriate for long distance hiking or back packing. This is mainly due to extras such as a rain fly and bigger tent pegs needing to be purchased separately to unlock these products full potential.

These extras are cheap and possible could have been added into the package with an improved carry bag design. Without the rain fly or longer stronger tent pegs the tent has customer feed back suggesting that water may leak through or the tent will blow away, though it will stay intact of course as the tent itself is well-designed for wind resistance. Adding these extras will add to the total weight package needing to be carried around and so having a vehicle nearby is most practible in contrast to hiking.

The Coleman 4-Person instant cabin is actually rather well-designed besides the first few points just covered. The tent scored full marks for season rating, set up time and price. Which is exactly what you need if you are looking for an affordable tent that is of good quality that can be set up quickly and keep you comfortable and protected in any climate.

However, the product did score below average in the warranty department as it is rather limited. It is worth highlighting though that for the price of the product and what it can do with consideration of customer feedback that this item doesn’t really require much more of a warranty. However, if you where looking to camp put long term in the wilderness rather than casual weekend o the occasional get away I would suggest a more expensive designed tent made of canvas that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

In terms of material, features, durability, water and wind resistance and size the Coleman 4-person cabin tent scored well above average. The Size while stating 4 persons is ideal for a couple who wish to have separate sleeping bags and to have left over room for storage or activities. The design of the tents will ensure you and your partner remain comfortable and protected from the elements thanks to its double layered material, which is water resistant with taped double sewn seams.

Its exoskeleton frame has plenty of joints and strength and is claimed both by the creators and customers to be able to withstand winds of up to 50mph. To top it all of it has a dark out design which will allow you to sleep longer in the morning should you desire a sleeping.

As mentioned earlier I would recommend this tent for couples enjoying a week get away or perhaps for car camping or a weekend fishing trip. I don’t believe it is suitable for long term camping or for hiking. I would also strongly suggest purchasing the rain-fly and bigger tent pegs to maximize your adventures satisfaction and avoid disappointment should the weather turn for the worst.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Kind Regards


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7 thoughts on “Coleman Instant 4 Person Camping Tent

  1. Coleman is definitely a tried and true product. I like Coleman’s brands.

    I really would like to go camping like this, but I am so afraid of wild animals and wild humans. I guess I should just ‘suck it up’ and live a little. LOL.

    1. Go for it. Just make yourself well informed in the type or area you want to camp in and also study up on camping hints and tips them self. I often find that through knowledge we can eliminate such fear.

  2. Mr. Morrow,
    I like to tent camp. We do camp close to our parking space as we do not go trail camping. I like how you have detailed the products shortcomings. My present 4 person tent is just big enough for 2 people to be comfortable in.
    Does this tent have a cover for when you are trying to get in when it is raining without the extra cover.
    Thanks for the info.

  3. My fondest memories are of camping when I was a kid. My dad had all the Coleman gear – cookstove, lantern, coolers, water jugs. We camped in a tent trailer.

    Do you think that the recommended fly is enough or would it be better to have a larger tarp over top? Also, should there be a large tarp under it as it does not have a vestibule? Thank you.

    1. The rain-fly is enough for the tent, however i like what you are suggesting. By purchasing a larger rain-fly and larger ground sheet you can essentially create your own vestibule. However i wouldn’t trust it to keep the external item as dry as the internal tent.

  4. Thank you for this review, I was wondering if Coleman was still a good company to purchase from.

    I’ve owned a few of their tents in the past and found them to be perfect for weekend camping trips. This tent looks like the perfect choice for a family or a couple travelling with pets!

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