Coleman Instant Pop-Up Tent

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Description: Coleman 4 Person Instant Pop-UP Tent

Type: Instant Pop-UP

Size: 4 Person (2 Comfort with gear or equipment)

Customer score: 3.7/5 Stars

Our Score: 58% = 2.9/5 stars

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First thing to mention is that this product comes with the following legal disclaimer:

WARNING: This product can expose you to Tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl)

phosphate (TDCPP), which is known to the State of California to cause

cancer. For more information go to

Now that this is out-of-the-way lets have a look at how the tent scored in the above categories and why.


Pricing of this product is fair when you consider how minimalist it is. It is designed for casual summer camping on the beach or for a quick weekend camp with the expectation of finer weather. If this is what you are interested in than, this tent performs excellently within those parameters. A general rule for value of purchase is for a tent to never cost more than $100 per claimed sleeping space. This tent claims to sleep 4, but customers suggest it is more appropriate for a couple or two. In consideration of it being comfortable space wise for two people the price for this product is excellent and scores full points in this category


Material of the Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up tent is made of polyester without a denier or thread count specified on their website. It is a pitty that this information is not made available as it provides the consumer with information for the materials’ strength. Considering camping tents of high quality often make this information available as a method to show confidence in their products it leaves me to question whether this product material is of a good quality or not.

Comments on Amazon from customers who have an authorized purchase have mentioned that the material is rather thin especially for the groundsheet. However, ground sheet thickness shouldn’t matter if you have a separate ground sheet to set up the tent upon. This is rather common practice within the camping community for both cheap or expensive tents.

The positive thing about polyester is that it is strong and lightweight, is naturally water resistant and is even further resistant to rain if a water resisted coating has been applied. In contrast to water resistance it isn’t very sturdy against high winds as it is lightweight and will flap about a lot without additional frame support, which I am pleased to mention is part of this products design.

As always with polyester camping products it is best to set up the tent in partial shade if you plan to leave the tent erect during the day. Both Polyester and nylon tents can be damaged overtime due to extended periods of UV exposure. This can result in sagging and faiding of color and overall strength of the material.


The tent whilst being easy to erect is rather limited in terms of features. This however isn’t necessarily a negative due to its affordability and maneuverability. This tent is fantastic for a quick getaway camp or music festival.

The Coleman Instant pop up tent doesn not come with a vestibule. Vestibules are essentially an extra extension to a tent which provided a protected outside area separate from the main tent. These separate areas are excellent to store shoes back packs or other items outside of the sleeping area whilst also providing protection for the mentioned items. However as mentioned earlier in this post, it is recommended to purchase the 4 person tent for two people t allow storage room in consideration for no vestibule.

The Rainfly for the tent is worth a mention as it is rather customizable. Unlike most rainflies designs, the one installed with this tent allows you to fold back sections to allow extra ventilation or a skylight on both sides and the ceiling. Having this flexibility with the rainfly is not very common and really expands the products possibilities for situational practicality. Essentially this means you could adapt the tents wind flows, sun and rain protection without having to un-peg or relocate the tent.

I am very pleased to say that like most tents, this particular product does come with insect mesh protection on all of its vents windows and doors. This feature adds to the previous by allowing to have customizable air flows which will keep you protected from annoying or harmful insects.

The Coleman 4 Person Instant Pop-Up Tent only comes with one door way. Though having a single doorway is not uncommon for simple or easy tent designs such as this it does however create a potential fire risk. In the emergency of a fire a single door tent relies heavily on non failing entrances. This means the tents zippers will need to be of a higher reliable quality. These details will be covered further in the durability section. I am however pleased to mention that although the tent is made of what polyester ( a rather flammable material) the tent comes with a fire retardant coating essentially increasing its overall safety level should it accidentally catch alight or be placed too close to a fire. Though the tent does come with this fire precaution it is still advised to set up a tent a safe distance away from any naked flames or camp fires.

Lastly as mentioned previously the fire retardant applied to this produce does come with a legal disclaimer.

For more information please Click Here.

The tent comes with two windows which are both double layered. One layer being the fly mesh and the second layer sealing up the tent providing protection and ventilation as needed. Secondly the tent comes with internal pockets to safely store your valuables, such as a phone, keys or wallet.



The clever design of this tent is how the tent can instantly pop up. This feature is achieved by the tents specially designed poles. The tent features internally coiled and permanently sewn fiberglass poles. These poles are positioned in a way which act as a coil allowing for the instant pop-up affect and easy disassembly. Though it is advised to usually stay away from plastic or fiberglass tent poles, I believe this can be an acception. The main reason for avoiding such poles that the constant assembling or disassembling can increase the risk of chipped and damaged poles essentially splitting along the poles and eventually loosing all structural integrity and practical use.

The difference worth mentioning here is that the poles are pre-set and designed to be constantly under tension. Secondly the assembly and disassembly doesn’t involve disconnecting or reconnecting any pole or joints. In combination with this is the fact that the poles are permanently internally sewn which reduces any unnessissary exposure to the poles which could chip or weaken the pole in general use.

The grommet on this product are essentially reinforced tethers of material added to the tent main body material. These types of grommets allow for tent pegs to safely pass through the material and securing the tent without risk of damaging the main tents floor or material. These types of grommets are becoming more common in the camping industry as they are more practible and durable than the traditional metal grommets commonly seen on tarps or sails.

As part of the weather Tec system featured with Coleman Products, this product comes with inverted double sewn seams. This design is excellent as it provided both great strength and added moisture protection for the seam. With the seams sewn and protected this way the product can offer great durability and structure strength by avoiding tearing or weakened seams from built up moisture or mold.

As mentioned earlier in the post regarding fire safety and a reliable quick exit, I am please to highlight that the tent as part of the Coleman Weather-Tec system comes with great reliable zippers. The tent come with a dual zipper corded system which have reinforced seams and feature an additional external flap to protect the zips from additional rain, rust, frost or a build up of dirt. The dual zipper system is essential for any single door tent as two zips with a pull cord in contrast to a single zip without a pull cord is significantly different in performance and reliability. This is due to the stress and tension o a zip being spread across two zips rather than a single one, secondly the pull cords on a zipper also reduce stress upon the zip but also allow for a quicker more reliable zip in an emergency.



As the title claims, this is a 4 person tent. However this is rarely the case or simply misunderstood. When it comes to camping tents the size advertised simply refers to the number of sleeping bags the tent can hold. So is the case of this product a 4 person tent simply means it can fit 4 people for sleeping only. Though this limited space is rarely desirable it is advised o always go two or more sleeping bag sizes above the intended number of people sleeping inside the tent. This will allow for a more comfortable camping experience and will also provide room for essential belonging you wish to keep safe or protected from the weather or wildlife.

The below sizes are specified and as the tent is of a sun dome design it is a fantastic tent for sleeping or crawling/ sitting inside. The tent is not tall enough to stand up in which is fine for its considered purpose. This tent is designed as a quick shelter and isn’t really designed to be stay inside all day every day. If you’re outside enjoying yourself, than shelter for sleep or from bad weather is all you really need anyway.

Size: 9 ft. 2 in. x 6 ft. 6 in. Center Height 3 ft. 4 in.


As would be expected with a lightweight instant pop up tent, this tent scored full points for maneuverability. Its lightweight package comes with a carry case and totals just over 7 pounds, which makes this product light weight, small in package and easy to carry. However, it is worth mentioning that this is not a hiking or backpacking tent so though it is lightweight it is not desirable to carry over long distances. In consideration that the tent is more suitable for casual camping and not camping it would be great to bring in the car and carry to a nearby camping location

Season Rating

The Coleman Instant Pop-UP tent is a lightweight tent and although it does come with the Coleman Weather-Tec system which will protect you from strong winds and rain it is more suitable for spring or summer camping. The tent offers little in terms of insulation and verified customs have commented that the tent did not protect them from cold weather.

In terms of cooler weather it is worth to purchase a sleeping bag with appropriate weather temperature ratings. Secondly you should also pack and dress in clothing appropriate for the expected weather. That being said this tent is not designed for extreme cold or arctic weather camping. If this is your desired camping experience please purchase a tent specially designed for such weather extremes.

Wind Resistance

As mentioned earlier in the post the tent comes with features designed to increase wind resistance. This is achieved by a number of features. The tent is of a dome shape design which is very effective in rolling off winds rather than taking a full-blown force as seen in cabin or A framed tents. The tents internal frame is constantly under flexible tension, essentially this means that the tents frame doubles as a stability system which can move around with the wind and share the weight load evenly throughout the frame. The tent comes with multiple reinforced tethered grommets to peg the tent down, to further the tents stability and to prevent it from flowing away or failing under winds and pressure the tent also has a rain-fly which can be tied down with pegs at 45 degree angles.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is incredible important. There is nothing worse than relying on a shelter in bad weather only to have it fails. There is a number of variable to consider in terms of how reliable your tent will be for protecting its occupants and items from water and rain. These variables to consider are the material of the tent. Its added water resistant coat measured in hydro-static head (1000mm) or higher and its seams.

The Coleman 4 Person Instant Pop-Up Tent is made of polyester. Polyester is a synthetic material which has fantastic water resistance. To add to this water resistance the tent is coated with a water resistant layer which has a hydro-static head of 4000mm. Such a high hydro-static head is fantastic as it will prevent water entering the tent under heavy rain. As mentioned earlier in the post the tent has inverted double sewn seams which by themselves offer a water resistance. however, it is worth mentioning that all of these seams are also sealed with water resistant tape.

Possibly the best feature added to this tent is the raised floor seems. Often referred to as a bath-tub designed floor, it provided protection from water on the ground under the tent or that man be running or building up outside the tent during bad weather. This is achieved by weld sealing the tents floor seam to the main tent body much higher up the tents body than a standard tent. Without this design a tents floor seams could build up with moisture or even leak, eventually leading weakened seams and a weakened tent, not to mention unwanted wet personal items.

Though this product states a high water resistance verified purchase comments from customers have mixed result in terms of weather protection. Whether this is a result of the design or perhaps an unlucky few customers is not clear. I would highly advise to view the review comments yourself.

Verified Purchase Comments.

Guarantee Level

This product comes with a product warrant from Amazon.


Though the warranty is rather limited it is worth highlighting that this tent is cheap for what it provides. Fair to say that similar tents often do not provide a warranty.

Secondly most products purchased from Coleman do come with a limited manufacturers warranty. This is usually achieved by registering the product with them on their website. The warranty covers basic manufacturer failure and not general wear and tear.

To achieve the maximum life from your tent and avoid failure from general ear and tear please read our free tent care hints and tips post

How To Care For Your Tent

Set Up Time

This tent is of the instant quick set up variety. As it would be expected the tent can be set up very quickly. Tents of this design can typically be assembled or put away in 5 minutes or fewer. As with purchasing any new tent, it is advised to practice set up and pack up at home before heading off on your adventure.

Below is a video displaying just how easy the tent really is

Final Thoughts

This tent is fantastic for a casual summer camp for the weekend or maybe as an easy reliable shelter for a music festival. The Tent is fantastic for two people with extra space for our belongings. The price is acceptable in consideration of what it provided and its minimalist nature. The tent is very easy to set up and is very maneuverable. Though the tent isn’t 4 seasons rated it has enough wind and water resistance in its design to achieve its purpose in most weather conditions. The tent is however not designed for extreme cold weather or extreme winds often required for Arctic exploration etc. Though somewhat limited in features it does have pockets for important items and offers enough windows and fly mesh to offer a comfortable camping experience in most situations. The tents material and design of seams will ensure a moderate level of durability for its designed purpose. which is weekend camping. The tent is not designed for long term living. Overall my final thoughts is that this tent is fantastic for its price and achieves what it is designed for, a well-designed simple lightweight package designed for nearby camping but not hiking or backpacking.

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