Easy Up Instant Dome Tent By Hui Lingyang – Perfect For The Weekend

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Description: Hui Lingyang Easy up Instant Dome

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Size: 4 Person (2 Person Comfort)

Customer score: 4/5 Stars


Our Score: 70% = 3.5 Stars


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For what this tent is cable of, the price is simply outstanding. A camping tent of good quality should cost no more than $100 per claimed person space. This tent claims to fit 4 people and the price is under this particular range. In terms of price this particular tent scores full marks. Check it out here


The Tent is made of 190T polyester with a generous hydro static head, water proofing and a 4 seasons rating, however they did caution that the tent is not designed for high wind intensities and intense rain. So what we do know is that the manufacturers are being honest, and the item is of at least moderate quality in terms of material.

A thread count of 190t is far above the average for tents as they usually average between 75t-95t, which is great in terms of strength and quality of material. The only downside to having such a high thread count in polyester is that it may be harder to waterproof, this will be covered further in the waterproof rating section.

The Ground mat of the tent is also of a higher quality 210D Oxford tent material. Though Oxford tent material is well-know for its quality a denier level of 210 is rather low with other tents using a denier level of 400 or higher. I’m confident the tents material is appropriate for most general weekend camping and can handle moderate poor weather. However, I would not advise it for long term expeditions or extreme backpacking etc.


Everyone loves features, especially extra features to increase a perception of value for your money. This Hui Lingyang Instant set up dome Camping tent has exactly that. The first feature to mention is obviously the Instant set up feature. Instant set up tents are not exactly new but have become rather popular within the camping community in recent years.

Though the design can vary, the idea is much the same. Not to be confused with quick set up tent designs, instant set up tents do exactly as it states.

They instantly pop up and are ready to be tied down. Like similar designs this tent achieves the instant set up thanks to its permanently installed fiberglass tent poles, Which are sewn into the tent material in such a way that the tent can be easily folded into a spring position.

This is the position the tent is in when it is packed away. Upon releasing the tent from the spring position it will unfold and open into its erect state almost instantly.

Now that the tent is erect lets have a look a what other features it has.

The tent does not come with a vestibule or separate rain fly, however the flaps on the two windows can be tied down and outwards to act as small rainflies should you desire. As mentioned the tent comes with windows, two windows to be precise which both come with no-see-um fly mesh to keep out the insects whilst allowing for ventilation. The windows also come with separate flaps which can be tied down or zipped shut to protect the occupants from wind and rain. While the doors also come with added vents.

Two door ways are also included. Both doorways come with separate mesh and sealed material which can be optimized to allow maximum protection and ventilation. The doors also come with two vents each allowing for maximum comfort and ventilation should the weather turn for the worst.

Though the multiple doorways and windows work wonders for ventilation and weather protection the tent does not come with any emergency exits. Multiple doors is fantastic however, no emergency shoot or exit means you are completely dependent on your two door ways zippers to work and never fail in an emergency. In contrast, having two door ways decreases the odds of zip failure and also increases your options of escape, which is much nicer than a tent with a single entry way.

A few extras to consider are the loop rings located internally to allow easy lantern hanging and the internal pockets to allow safe storage for your keys or other important items.

Fixed buckles which allow for ease of open or closed door/window flaps and twin zippers to allow for easier opening and closing whilst allowing less stress on the zip itself.

To finish on a strong note the tent is easy to fold away and can than be placed inside a practible carry case and come with free guy lines and pegs.



Whether you are camping for the weekend or for weeks on end, durability is incredibly important. The Hui Lingyang Instant set up dome Camping tent is considered durable for weekend camping and not suitable for long term expeditions or extreme weather conditions.

The Tents frame is made of highly flexible fiberglass which is great in consideration of the fact that the tent relies on its constant flex during pack up and is required to maintain its tension so it can spring open and set itself up. Unlike standard tent frames and pegs this frame is a permanent fixture and doesn’t require shock cord or reinforced ends upon the ends of the poles to prevent chips or splitting.

The grommets are of a higher quality as they are actually separate rings attached to a separate reinforced strip of material which is than attached to the main tent body. These designs are quite clever as they allow for stronger tent pegs or guy lines to pass through them without adding extra stress to the tent body and also reduce the risk of a failed grommet to damage the main tent body material.

The Stitching along all seams windows doors etc are of a high quality. The seams are strong and double sewn into place. To reduce stress upon these seams and the zips themselves the tent comes with a double zip system. This allows for easier opening and closing of windows and doors while reducing the stress load of the zips and material by spreading it over smaller separate areas. The zips are also rust proof as they are nylon and also have added running tracks on the outside to allow for extra water protection

The material of the camping tent is above average for quality however it is only single layered with no added rain fly. This could be why the manufacturers specified that its use is not suitable for extreme journeys and that it would be more suitable for casual weekend camping. Secondly single layered tents usually have issues protecting their occupants from harsh sun conditions and can even sag or became damaged from extended exposure to the sun. This is not the case with this particular design as it is claimed to have an added UV protection applied.


If you have ever purchased a tent before than you know that specified person space in a tent only refers to the number of sleeping bags with little room for anything else. I general rule is to double the size to accommodate for the umber of people that need to stay inside the tent. The Hui Lingyang Instant set up dome Camping tent specifies 3-4 people which is ideal for a camping couple as it offers room for our sleeping bags and additional space for the items you which o protect from the elements such as shoes food phones keys etc.

A worthy point highlighted by customer reviews it that these products truly supplies a lot of room on the ground. Perhaps this added space is to accommodate for the limited head space that comes with most dome shape tent designs. Whatever the reason it is welcomed and evidently celebrated by customers who have experienced the tent for themselves.



In terms of manoevrabilty this particular tent score very high. Not only does it come with an easy carry case but it is also rather lightweight. The total package weighs around 5kg which is exceptional in comparison to other 4 person tents. The lightweight and easy carrying abilities means that this tent can achieve a higher level of accessibility of camp grounds and isn’t simply restricted to site only accessible by vehicle.

This will also save you money as car access camp sites usually cost you more money especially if the tent is large. Being lightweight and easy to maneuver also means a reduction of injury risk. No one wants to hurt themselves carrying their tent to their camp site on their adventures. But depending on the weather and terrain it has been know to happen. These risks are significantly reduced as the level of manoevrability increases.


Season Rating

The Hui Lingyang Instant set up dome Camping tent claims to be of a 4 season rating. Though I have confidence in the quality of the materials and their ability to be breathable and water resistant, I did not see any specification by the manufacturers to support the claim of 4 season capabilities. 4 season tents usually have multiple layered materials and often have added insulation between those layers. To be fair to them they didn’t specify what kind of temperature range these 4 season refer to. so to be safe I would be confident with this tent maintaining comfortable temperature levels and breathable ventilation within a temperature range of 5c – 25c degrees.

The lower end of the temperature scale could be further accommodated by a high quality sleeping bag which is often the case for most campers. The focus is how well will the tent protect you comfortably from the weather during the day. I would not recommend this tent for temperature exceeding either side of the scale as a single layer tent of polyester could stretch and sag in extreme heat also to consider is that a single layered tent is not suitable for maintaining insulated temperatures of 0c degrees or lower. This particular tent would be perfect for weekend camping in cool to warm climates. You could even set it up on the beach rather easily.

Wind Resistance

Dome shape designed tents are well-know for their ability to be rather wind resistant. This instant tent design is no different, the smooth rounded shapes allow for wind to flow over it easier than a tent with straight walls etc. Though the tent doesn’t come with a specified stability system the number of tent poles all crossing over each other offer support similar to that provided by a Geo tent, though not as high of course as those tents are more or less designed for Arctic exploration or climbing Mt Everest.

The instant tent also comes with plenty of pegs and guy lines which will help hold down the tent and stop it from becoming air born in unexpected guest of wind. But not to be forgotten is the manufacturers warning that this tent is not for extreme weather conditions. It may be rather stable but this is in consideration of typical weather encounter on a weekend adventure rather than prolonged intense weather situations.

Water Resistance

As mentioned earlier this tent is not designed for extreme weather conditions. That being said the designers of this tent have been more than generous with their level of waterproof coating. When buying a tent you want to lookout for tent that have a hydro static head of 1000mm minimum. This particular tent has a hydro static head rating of 3000-4000mm which is more than enough to keep you protected and dry during an unexpected shower. These water resistance levels also apply to the ground sheet which will protect you and your belongings from water seeming in through the material below you. To increase this protection I always advise setting up the tent on a separate mat or tarp. Not only does this increase water resistance but it also allows for added protection for the base of your tent from sharp rocks or objects.

Guarantee Level

Sadly no level of guarantee was specified for this item. Which is a bit disappointing as it is evident that this is a great quality product for its price. The best option of protection a buyer has is the Amazon return policy which allows up to 30 days return upon purchase. Though this tent is rather amazing I would not consider it worthwhile getting any form of tent insurance as the price of the tent is very affordable and the tent insurance simply wouldn’t be worth it.

Other Reviews

Have a quick read of my guide on how to keep a tent to help extend the life of your tent.

Set Up Time

As the words instant set up would imply. This tent is incredibly quick setting up. Both customer and manufacturer times suggest this tent can be set up under 5 minutes, with the longer amount of time being setting up guy lines or pegging down the tent. Camp set up does not come much quicker than this. In regard to pack up it is also rather quick but may require a little practice as the technique requires the manipulation of tent poles under tension and could spring up on you if you don’t do it correctly.

Have a look for yourself

Final Thoughts

If I was going camping with my partner for the weekend on the beach or on the mountains I would definitely recommend this product. When considering the affordable price of the product it is rather surprising that it scored so high on so many areas of consideration. The unbelievably quick set up time, added features, high levels of ventilation, windows and doors is fantastic for optimizing comfort, ventilation levels and weather protection.

The durability is surprisingly good which makes it all the more disappointing that the tent didn’t specify a level of guarantee. The lack of guarantee, no emergency exit, no rain fly or vestibule single layered material with a lack of insulation or dark rooms design is these products shortfalls and possibly an area of consideration for the designers of this great product. Had these features been included with a 10-year guarantee or higher this product would have scored close to a perfect score. The product scored 70% or 3.5 stars out of 5 which is still rather impressive considering how critical we rate tents here at tentsforcouples.

If you are looking for casual camping with your partner and you want a great tent that is hassle free and won’t cost you an arm and a leg than I would certainly suggest purchasing this product as it would be very hard to beat with such a great price.

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8 thoughts on “Easy Up Instant Dome Tent By Hui Lingyang – Perfect For The Weekend

  1. My mom has one of these, it works great on a weekend outing. It is ridiculously easy to set up. Putting it back in the bag can be tricky, but worth the three second setup.

    1. Very easy set up, just having a look at the video in the post, I reckon it would be a little tricky to pack up too. But I reckon it’s more to do with technique. Should be fine after a bit of practise =)

    1. No worries miss, if you are interested there a links provided in the post to assist you with a purchase =) take care and enjoy your adventures

  2. Hey there, nice review of this tent. Very informative pointing out the best and least favorite aspects. How about putting away? Is it easy to take down? I may have missed that when reading through.

  3. This is the coolest tent ever! My friend has one and he amazes me every time he set it up. It sets up so easily, putting it away can be a bit of a job. But he seems to have found the trick in getting it back asap!

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