How To Buy Camping Tents Online – Explanation And Steps

The world as we know it is evolving at an ever-increasing rate. Things are becoming more and more online based and honestly it can be a little hard to keep up. The way businesses are designed and becoming successful are also evolving. The latest trends of business models involve an online platform and not much else. An example of this is Uber. The old business model was Taxi drivers. This system involved a company purchasing cars and fitting it out to look like a taxi with all kinds of meters ad gadgets. This required hiring workers, and paying all kids of licenses and registrations just to keep the cars on the road.

The new system ‘Uber’ involves an online platform based business, anyone can register their car (provided it meets certain safety standards) and work as flexibly as they like, earning a good amount of money whist giving a percentage to Uber. Why this is so successful is Uber does not have to own a single vehicle. and other blog affiliate related websites are based on a similar concept. We write review hints and tips on products and show customers where to buy them online. We don’t have to own a warehouse of items nor do we have to take care of the shipping etc.

Online Bloggers, Can you trust them?

So why would you trust a blogger to guide you honestly to a good purchase?

I’ll start off by saying you can not trust them all. But if a blogger wants to be successful it is in their best interest to be transparent and 100% honest. If a blogger offers genuine non biased information hints tips and guides and comes across as someone genuinely trying to help you, then this is the kind of blogger you can trust. Why? Think of it this way. The idea is to provide honest content which will rank well in search engines so the website can be found, which will increase the traffic of the website and overall chance that a purchase is made. We are a business and our income is essentially earned through the trust we have earned from our viewers. It is honestly up to you! The viewing customer holds the power of choice!

If the website lacks honesty and it just seems like your reading the pitch of a car salesman then you and many others will leave the site and never revisit, reducing the chance of a sale. Secondly if the site is just all about sales and isn’t honest then search engines will take away its search rank and credibility.

It is in the best interest of google and other search engines that their top ranking search results are pages that are honest and genuine otherwise it will reflect poorly on them and a different search engine will be chosen, the same way it would reflect badly on the bloggers website. Honesty and genuine objectivity is key.

What issues people worry about with online purchases

In America alone over 70% of purchases are now made online. With the other 30 percent either being unsure or still prefer to walk into a store. The internet can be scary and of course there are genuine concerns that people have with shopping online security and their personal information.

Secondly customers are concerned if they will actually get their product or if they have been scammed out of their money.

The great thing about and other affiliate based online businesses is that they need very little information from you at all. Essentially once a customer decides they want to make a purchase they are taken to a secure website such as Amazon. Amazon then has their own privacy and security policies that can be trusted and guaranteed. Secondly their payment systems are encrypted and require confirmation from both yourself and your chosen bank. With that in mind you know you can make a once of purchase that is safe and secondary purchases can not be made without the permission from your bank account or yourself.

It terms of your item showing up guaranteed after payment, that too is guaranteed and also tracked. You can watch and monitor the delivery stages of your purchase, which means if the product does not show up you can contact amazon and they can trace the item back to its last location and hold others accountable whilst sending you a replaced item if the issue isn’t resolved. Amazon would not be one of the world’s larges online traders if it didn’t have the trust and security of its customers as its priority.

For what information uses and the Privacy policy it is legally held under have a look here

Privacy Policy

The Tents For Couples Way- Honesty And transparency.

Providing reliable information is very important. It is important that you (the customer) understands what the product is and what to look out for. Very few people go blindly into a purchase without doing their research. has done a lot of this research for you. Though there will always be more research to come below is a link that should provide you will all the information hints and tips you will even need in terms of camping tents and what to look for when making a purchase.

Guides, Hints and Tips

The reviews

If you look at any online shop they already have a review section from their customers. The limitation to this is it is incredibly subjective and very few reviews actually offer a grading system so you can understand how that products score was achieved.

What aims to achieve is to offer a confidence score out of 99%. This confidence score will be displayed as a total score for comparison against the average custom score and will also be broken down into key categories such as price, size and guarantee to allow customers a better understanding of the product.

Our full review grading system and how it works is 100% transparent and objective. We are not sponsored or payed to show a biased or be favorable to any product.

Click below to view our grading system

Our Review System

What does Tentsforcouples get out of this ?

What a great question. Essentially I write reviews, hints and tips on camping products. Should you decide that you like the information and wish to make a purchase that option is provided to you. The option will be provided to a link to where you can purchase the product, eg Amazon. Should the sale go through I will be given a small commission. Because the commission is small, you can understand why there is an incentive to gain trust and a large number of visitor to my site. Without that trust I won’t get any visitors or make any sales.

This is all explained further here

Affiliate Disclaimer

How To Purchase

If you are new to the world of online purchases then perhaps the below video will assist you and answer any of your concerns

Any Questions?

Thank you so much for visiting I hope this has helped you feel more confident and secure with online purchases.

If you feel you have any concerns or would like to ask me any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at :

or if you would like to engage in an open discussion you can always comment below.

Have a wonderful adventure everyone !

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  1. You hit the nail on the head when it comes to security online. Personally i will not purchase anything from a site that does not have a good security certificate.

    1. like all new things they can be scary or even dangerous. but knowledge is power and knowing how to do these new things safely is important.

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