Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

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Description: Marmot Creek Backpacking Hiking tent

Type: Dome

Size: 3 person ( 2 people lightly packed comfort with room for storage)

Customer score:4.3/5 Stars

Our Score: 3.6/5 Stars

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Quick Points

  • Great Price, Affordable for its high quality.
  • Lightweight Polyester material
  • 2 doors ( Potential Emergeny Exit)
  • vents
  • screen mesh
  • No windows
  • 2 Vestibules
  • roof hook for lanterns
  • internal storage pockets
  • Water proof rainfly
  • bathtub seam design ( raised floor seams)
  • Optional sizes 2-3 people
  • Optional foot print sold separately
  • Incredibly durable
  • 7000 series aluminum poles
  • Reinforced grommets
  • Double sewn lap-felled seams
  • reinforced double zipper system with pull cords
  • No zipper flaps
  • 3 person tents suitable for a couple with light luggage and storage.
  • Floor dimensions: 63″ x 88″; interior height: 46″; floor
    space: 42 sq. ft.

  • Very maneuverable and lightweight
  • trail weight: 5 lbs., 13 oz.; pack weight: 6 lbs., 5 oz.
  • Suitable for hiking and backpacking
  • No season rating given
  • Presumably suitable for moderate temperatures
  • Not suitable for camping in extreme temperatures
  • Moderately high wind resistance
  • Strong poles
  • plenty of peg points
  • guylines for stability
  • dome shape design assist with wind
  • Water resistant rainfly
  • waterproof floor with raised seams
  • sealed seams
  • Extra sealant not included
  • limited manufacturers warranty
  • roughly 5-10 minute set up time, varies on experience and practice and number of people

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Water Resistance

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Price is probably the first thing you look at when purchasing a new tent. Too often do we make an impulsive mistake and just purchase what looks good for a good price without considering what we are truly getting for our money. In the world of camping tents you want to ensure you are getting good value for money. One way to ensure this is to make sure that your tent doesn’t cost more than $100 per sleeping space.

The Marmot Crane Camping Tent is a perfect example of quality for money and certainly passes the above mentioned pricing criteria. With both models 2 or 3 person camping tents both coming under $100 per sleeping space. Adding to this value is the high level of quality, durability, water and wind resistance in a neat lightweight package complete with a few nice features.


A tents material must be made of a material that is up to the task of wind & water protection, insulation & ventilation performance and be capable of withstanding general use wear and tear. This presents a number of challenges for manufactures as it is desirable for them to remain competitive. To remain competitive they generally try to attempt the above mentioned criteria whist also offering a lighter carry weight and affordable price.

The Marmot Crane Camping Tent has achieved these challenges by using a combination of strong tent poles with lightweight durable material. The tent is made of polyester with a water resistant coating. Polyester is already naturally water resistant, however the applied waterproof coating aids the material with water roll off and beading which prevents water weight and sagging.

A downside to polyester is that it performs poorly for insulation and ventilation. However, these issues have been addressed with the tents ventilation features. It is worth highlighting that polyester is rather durable and a lot more rip resistant and lightweight than canvas. Should any small rip, hole or tear appear in the tents material its is very easy to repair.

It is worth mentioning that polyester does weaken with excessive sun exposure over long durations of time. To be fair to the design of this tent, sun damage shouldn’t be an issue as it is a backpacking/hiking tent. Presumably this means that you are out and about exploring during the day and setting up camp later in the evening and packing up in the morning.

If you do find yourself staying in a camp for a few days, ensure that you set up camp in a partly shaded area to protect your tent, or consider applying an aftermarket UV material protection.

Polyester is an excellent material for lightweight camping and unlike canvas is more resistant to mold build up should you be unable to dry off the tent before packing it up. Course ensuring your tent is nice and dry before and during storage is desirable if possible.


As anyone familiar with hiking or backpack camping would be, a lightweight tent usually means minimal features and extras. This isn’t always the case as this tent does have a few nice features and extras despite its minimalist design.

The first feature to mention is the tents rainfly. It is waterproof and covers the tents inner body. however, it is well integrated into the design to allow for full use of the tents vent, doors and vestibules.

Notices I mention multiple doorways and vestibules. Most lightweight tents either come with one of each or simply just a doorway. This tent comes with 2 screen mesh seal able doorways’ and 2 overhead vestibules. These features are excellent for many reasons. Firstly having two doorways’ is excellent for ventilation, secondly the second doorway can act as an unofficial emergency exit should the need arise. The vestibules also offer added wind or rain protection allowing for higher ventilation, secondly they act as additional storage for item which you may not want to keep inside your tent such as shoes or food.

For other items you wish to keep safe, the tent has 2 internal storage pockets. These pockets will keep your valuables and first aid kit safe, dry and accessible.

The fly screen mesh on both doorways’ allows for comfortable ventilation and temperature control whist also being protected from insects and small animals entering your tent. However, if you require the doors to be sealed due to severe weather the tents two vents will keep help keep your tent dry and breathable.


As mentioned earlier, this is a camping tents suitable for hiking and backpacking. It isn’t going to be a palace. That being said this tent come is a 2 and 3 sleeping space size. If you’re a traveling couple I would personally recommend the 3 person tent. If you’re an experienced camping im sure by now you have realized that the advertised sleeping space is only referring to the amount a sleeping bags it can fit. If you are traveling that means you have luggage and chances are you will want storage and protection for those belongings as well as sleeping space. The three person tent is this design offers room for 2 sleeping spaces and a some extra room for your belongings.

3 Person Tents: Floor dimensions: 63″ x 88″; interior height: 46″; floor space: 42 sq. ft.

2 Person Tents:
Floor dimensions :50″ x 88″; interior height: 43″; floor space: 32



When hiking or backpacking the ability to carry your tent and equipment safely is important. It is also desirable to carry as much as possible as light as possible. The Marmot Crane Camping Tent is both easy to carry and is very light to carry. The tent is suitable for hiking and backpacking but is also a prefect tent for casual weekend camping trips or even as a shelter at music festival.

As hiking involves walking across all different types of potentially hazardous terrain, it is important that the tents package is light easy and not awkward to carry. This tent achieves these requirements

(3 person tent) trail weight: 5 lbs., 13 oz.; pack weight: 6 lbs., 5 oz.

Light-Weight Design

Season Rating

Depending where you camp and the season, you will need to mask special considerations for weather protection during your adventures. Though a tent is a form of shelter not all of them offer seasonal temperature protection and comfort. Some tents offer 4 season comfort while others are specifically designed for a certain harsh climate, such as Arctic exploration.

The Marmot Crane Camping Tent doesn’t seem to come with a season rating and so the following season comfort rating is based on presumptions and prior knowledge of similar tents. The tents main body and rain fly are made of polyester. Polyester is a poor insulator. Without any extra insulation features mentioned it is presumed that this tent is only suitable for moderate temperature comfort. Should you desire to use this tent outside of this temperature range there is a few things you can do. The first thing is to pack and dress appropriate clothing for the areas you intend to camp and explore. Secondly purchase yourself a temperature appropriate sleeping bag. With these two considerations taken care of you shouldn’t have any trouble on your adventures staying cool or warm.

Wind Resistance

For such as lightweight package this tents is surprisingly wind resistant. The tents lightweight material is secured by clips onto sturdy flexible aluminum poles. These poles ensure your tent remains erect during poor weather. The poles, tent base and raifly are all secured down with plenty of reinforced tent peg grommets. There are also a number of guylines attached to the tent to provide extra stability. All of these features work with the tents wind resistant dome shaped design. The shape of the tent is designed to allow wind to easily pass over or roll of the tens wall, preventing excessive force placed upon the tents poles and material. This tent has what it takes to protect you from moderate to strong wind gust. However, the tent will not withstand extreme wind and weather gusts such as those found during Arctic exploration. A specifically design special tent is required for these extremes.

Water Resistance

The Marmot Crane Camping Tent is highly water resistant. This level of water resistance is achieved with a combination of features. Firstly the tents polyester material is naturally water resistant, however to ensure complete water protection the rainfly has an additional water resistant layer applied to it. The water resistant layer aids with water beading and allows water droplets to rolls off more easily, preventing sagging from excessive water weight, which can result in small amounts of water entering through the materials threads.

The tens floor is waterproof ad the all the tents seams have been a water resistant seam sealant applied to them.

There is an additional option of a tent foot Matt available to purchase seperately. This essential acts as a ground sheet, protecting your tents floor and also providing additional water protection by preventing water entering underneath your tent. The footprint is available for both sizes of tent.

Should you desire to purchase your own water seam sealants or tapes, that option is also available and is rather common I the camping community to seal and leaks that may appear over the tents lifetime.

Guarantee Level

Sadly this tent only come with a manufacturers warrant which is rather disappointing considering how well-made the tent is. This warranty usually covers manufacturer fault for a year and doesn’t cover general wear and tear. Don’t let this limited warrant discourage you as verified custom reviews certain support how well-made this tent truly is.

Verified Customer Reviews

The limit warrant will be the least of your worries should you practice correct camping tent care. For hint and tips on how to ensure a Long life for your tent check out our tent care guide.

How To Care For Your Tent

Set Up Time

The Marmot Crane Camping Tent is not a quick set up or pop u design. however, its set up is generally quick, efficient and easy with practice. Considering you may be traveling with your partner, set up time will presumably be even faster. The average set up time for this tent is roughly 10 minutes. The same time is required for pack up.

Please ensure you practice set up and pack up before leaving on your adventures. This will familiarize yourself with the setup should you need to pitch camp fast in a poor weather emergency. Secondly setting up the tent before your adventures will allow you to identify any issues with the tent that may need to be addressed.


My Final Thought on this products tat it is excellent for the cost and it purposes. Though it can be used for casual car camping it is more specifically designed for back packing and hiking camping. The tent light weight design is still very durable, wind and water resistant. I was suprised by the tent features as lightweight tents are usually minimalist. however, this tent comes with two doors and vestibules which allow for ventilation control and optimal weather protection. The second door can also act as an emergency exit should one door fail and the need for a swift exit is required.

Though I doubt the doors will fail as the tents zippers are both reliable and durable. Both doors come with screen mesh which allows you to remain in your tent safe from pest and unwanted small wildlife entering your tent.

If you and your partner are keen on hiking or backpacking I would certainly give this tent a go. I would recommend purchasing a good sleeping bag to allow further temperature comfort and allow for all year camping weather.

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