Triwonder Tent 2-4 Person – Perfect For Hiking And Camping

TRIWONDER 2-3-4 Person 3 Season Camping Tent

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Description: Triwonder 2-3-4 Person 3 Season Double Layered Backpacking Tents For Hiking

Type: Classic Double Layer Tent

Size: 2-3-4 Person (Options Available)

Customer score: 4/5 Stars

Our Score: 67 % = 3.3/5 Stars

Where To Buy: Amazon.Com

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Triwonder 2-4 Person Tent – Score BreakdownCamping Tent, Triwonder, 2,3,4, person

This particular Triwonder tent did very well with customer review and feedback. It is worth highlighting that customers can only provide such feedback after their purchase is verified, so hopefully this gives their comments some credibility. The basic design tent isn’t anything new or special in terms of design, but for its price it does very well when compared to tents of a similar variety.

Let’s see how it ranked in the areas below in the Tentsforcouples grading review .


If you have visited this site before then you are no stranger to us getting straight to the point. That point is that a good high quality tent should never cost more then $100 US per person space.

This Triwonder Tent passes this test in all of its sizes. If the title didn’t give it away, this model comes with a range of sizes from 2 persons up to 4 persons. Price varies per size increase of course but, all the sizes still passed the test. Full points were given here and you’ll soon see why when you realise just how much great stuff comes with this tent package.


Both the inner and outer tents are made with a breathable non-toxic odorless polyester. Polyester is rather standard these days with only canvas or poly-canvas beating it in grading and quality, however those two options are far more expensive and heavier which usually results in more heavy-duty framing etc. The material is odorless because out in the wild insects and bugs are attracted to nice smelling fragrances, while the tent does come with doors featuring fly protective mesh, preventing the attraction of insects in the first place is always nice.

Polyester is rather water resistant itself without an added waterproof coating but the downside to the material is that it can sag and fade if exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. It is advised to set up camp where the tent can be in shade during the most extreme hours of sun.

Having a closer look at the tents grade of polyester it is claimed by the manufacturers to be of a high grade. This is determined by a Thread count level of 210. Most tents average around 75-95 T, so a thread count this high means more threads of material per square inch which means a stronger material that is also easier to waterproof as the holes between each thread are smaller.

The ground Matt is also of a good quality. It is made of 150D Tear resistant oxford cloth. Oxford cloth is commonly used in camping tent ground sheets, while very high quality tents having a denier level of 400 or higher. However, to accommodate for the lower denier level this material features a rip stop non tear design which stops any unfortunate holes creates ripping and tearing any further.

No matter the level of strength of a tents ground sheet, it is always advised to set your tent up on a separate high quality tent tarp or hard plastic ground sheet. A good habit to get into before setting up camp is to sweep down the area first to remove any stick or rocks. Though you can never truly remove all the tiny sharp objects and that is why we recommend an additional ground sheet.

Secondly it was highlighted by the manufacturers that the groundsheet was not suitable to contain pets as their sharp little paws will make holes in the material. It was advised by them to also insert a separate ground sheet or foam squares inside the tent if you wish to bring along your fury best friend on your adventures.


The first feature worth mentioning is that the tents has two layers. This adds an extra level of flexibility in set up options that other tents may not provide. The internal structure is simply the frame with material and surrounding fly mesh sections, though not the most practible for overnight stays it provides a quick bit of insect protected shelter in the sun or shade should you desire a quick rest if your campsite is large hike away.

Secondly the internal structure has what is often referred to as a bath-tub design. A bathtub design involves the ground sheet being stitched to the main body of the tent as a higher level to allow extra protection from puddling pools of water if the weather turns for the worst.

The second layer of the tent acts as the rain fly. The rain fly covers the tent and provides additional protection to its occupants from the exterior conditions. This particular rain fly comes with two door ways and two vents. These door ways have the option to be completely open, sealed with fly mesh or completely sealed. These options provide you with maximum flexibility for ventilation and weather protection.

As a bonus the main door flap can also be extended out and used as an additional awning. However, this will require hiking sticks which are sold separately. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the exterior shell comes out further from the inner shell which can provide additional shelter for belongings, however it does not come with a ground sheet so running water can access this part of the tent.

Other extra features worth mentions are the added internal hooks and pockets provided inside the tent which will allow you to store your precious items and allow for great lighting by hooking up a ceiling lamp.



Durability is always important. Not only do you want your tent to last a long time but you also need it to perform when you need it the most, which is in bad weather. Durability is achieved through a number of variables. What the Frame is made of and how it is all tied down are a few areas to consider

The Triwonder Hicking Tent comes High quality 7001 aluminum poles. These kinds of poles are great for being lightweight but also tough. Possibly the biggest issue to overcome for tent manufacturers is to provide tent framing that is both strong and lightweight but also flexible. Alloy tent poles are a fantastic way of achieving this.

Though not as tough as steel or as flexible as fiberglass they are a great middle point between the two. Unfortunate I couldn’t find information of whether these tent poles come with shock cord in the inside. Shock cord is a fantastic installation to tent poles as it helps to keep them all together and also increases flexibility while reducing stress load.

It is worth mention though the tent pegs have reinforced connection points which will prevent unnecessary damage to the entrances of the pegs. It is fantastic that the manufacturers have included this feature because once alloy poles are damaged they lose shape and can not be put back into shape like their harder steel variety. Though in contrast allow will not split and splinter like damaged plastic or fiberglass poles.

Rather, then using traditional grommets to allow for ropes and pegs to safely pass through the tents material, this tent has done something a little different. Both the inner and outer tent have reinforced attachments which either connect to the tent frame or provide loops for adding guy lines and pegs. This feature is rather clever as it increases the tents stability whilst also reducing the stress levels on the tents frame ad material by spreading it along smaller multiple stress areas.

The stitching is also worth mentioning as it appears of a higher quality than others. Most high quality tents will use the same type of joining seam but what this Triwonder hiking tent has done is use three levels of stitching in areas rather then two. This may be due to the added waterproof sealing added to the seams, which is always a bonus.

To finish on a strong note, double zip features are also provided. This increases the durability of your tents zippers by allowing shared levels of stress along the zip line, secondly each zip also features a pull cord which makes zipping along the material more efficient while also further reducing the level or stress on the zip. The zips are metallic and doesn’t look to be rust proof however the zip line looks to be of a nylon coil design which is both strong and rust resistant.


Triwonder 2-4 person Tent Dimensions

The Triwonder Dual Layer hiking tent comes in a number of sizes. These sizes include 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 persons. Traditionally person sizes in tents normally only includes the number of sleeping bags and doesn’t include space for your belongings or food.AS we review Tents suitable for couples I would suggest purchasing the tent claiming space for 3-4 people. This should allow enough space for two sleeping bags and a bit of extra space for your backpacks and shoes etc.

The basis design of these tents usually means you can not stand up in the tent but you should be able to comfortable sit up in the tent. However, if you are over 6ft in height, customers have mentioned that sitting up room may be limited.

However, the increased size of the tent for 3-4 also includes added vertical dimensions so there should be more then enough room for you to sit up and crawl around comfortably. As always we have provided the dimensions so you can always determine f this is the right product for your needs.



For manoevrability this particular tent scored rather well. Considering it is designed for camping of a hiking backpacking nature it really needs to be. Customer comments mentioned that other competitor tents similar to this one were lighter however I believe those tents to be of a poorer quality. Essentially this item is all neatly packed up into a sack which can be easily transported across terrain or even on a bike.

What is so great about this is that you can keep your hands free while you carry the tent upon a kicking backpack. The total package is still considerably light (3kg) especially when you consider how many items are in the package.

Why weight is such an important factor is all to do with comfort and safety. Increased package sizes or weight increase the risk of injury the further you have to travel to your destination. By being lightweight and easy to carry you can focus 100% on your surrounding terrain and avoid unnecessary injury by slipping tripping etc. Secondly if you are not hiking with this tent then it is just a very easy to pick it up off of your vehicle and set it up on your camp site.

Being of a smaller size you also avoid being charged extra for your campsite, which can happen in caravan parks depending on how much room your tent takes up. but with the high level of manoevrability this tent package comes with, I would be out having exploration adventures and not wasting my money on caravan parks.

What's Included

Season Rating

When it comes to season ratings it is important to consider where you are located and to what extremes of temperature your particular season include. That being said this tent is 3 seasons rated. A 3 season rating usually means it can handle anything up 30c and temperature down to 0c degrees.

An interesting point to mention is that the designers mentioned they were confident that the tent could handle a lower temperature range but not much below 0c degrees and certainly not extreme cold conditions. Helping the tent with its level of season protection is its dual layers, vents and breathable polyester material.

Essentially all of these features allow for optimization of air flow and ventilation. It is important to consider what kind of environment you will be setting up camp, what weather you will expect and what temperatures you will need to make considerations for. I always suggest buying a high quality sleeping bag that will exceed the lower temperature comfort range of your tent just in case.

Wind Resistance

Wind resistance can mean the difference between you paying for a tent or an expensive kite. Though this tent does not come with a fancy stability system, the design of the tent and its many guy lines and peg locations is more then enough to stop your tent from blowing away in moderate to high wind gusts. Please note by saying high wind guests, I am not suggesting extreme wind gusts that you would experience in Icelandic or Antarctic exploration.

But besides those limitations it can handle most bad weather conditions except for typhoons of course. The crossover tent frame design allows for added stability whilst the actual tent material shape is of a curved nature easing the stress level on the frame and allowing the wind to pass over more easily then a traditional A frame shaped tent.

Water Resistance

Water resistance in the context of tents usually refers to how much water weight the tent material can handle before water will begin to seep through. Most quality tents will provide a water proofing level of 1000mm Hydrostatic head. This essentially means that the water level ad pressure up to this measure will bead up and roll off without penetrating the material and saturating the tents occupant and belongings.

This Triwonder Hiking Tent has a hydro static head level of 3000mm which is more then enough for your everyday bad weather camping downpour. To add to this water resistance is of course the bathtub high seam design mentioned earlier.

Furthermore, all the sewn seams are waterproof sealed which will prevent any excess water from building up and entering the seams through try holes. Though this level of moisture won’t saturate you it can build up moisture inside the tent and also begin to rot away the seam material and eventually weaken your tent.

Guarantee Level

Sadly I was not able to find information on whether this particular item comes with a warranty of guarantee. I would Suggest caution here as it would be foolish to assume that it does come with one, however limited. If this item is purchased through Amazon here is an enforced return policy of up to 30 days after purchase. Though this may offer little comfort in this the price of the tent doesn’t justify you purchase any form of tent insurance.

Below are some comments from customers to offer some peace of mind. Please remember that these customers can only make rating comments once they have verified their purchase, so there is some credibility to them

Secondly if you would like to increase the longevity of your new tent you can always check out our guide on how to maximize the life of a tent through simple easy habits. Check it out.

Set Up Time

Imagine the following scenario, you are a beginner camper and you decide to play before setting up your campsite first. A beginners mistake but we have all done it so don’t worry. This is where the set up time of your tent is so important. There are only so many hours of light in a day and mother nature loves to be unpredictable so if it suddenly becomes dark or the weather turns for the worst you need to get your tent set up ASAP.

Most camping tents these days don’t take too long to set up, except for the really big ones, which can be complex and challenging. This tent however is pretty standard and straight forward. A single person could unpack it and set it up in 6-7 minutes with practice which isn’t too bad. A bonus to you though is that you are presumably traveling with your partner and that means two people can set up the tent easier and faster.

An important point to mention is that customer feedback suggest that this tent package does not include instructions of how to pitch it. To comfort your worries though the customers also mentioned that the tent wasn’t difficult to figure out or erect. With that in mind I usually encourage people to do a few practice tent set-ups before leaving on any adventure just to familiarize yourself with the tent should n emergency arise.

Secondly it is important to set up a tent and inspect it for any damage before you pack it up and head off to your destination. The below video should help you out with any questions you might have with erecting the tent.



If you are new to hiking or backpacking then I would honestly suggest this tent. It is Affordable light and strong so as a beginning you can afford to make a few mistakes. The Tents material and features are fantastic for the price and the water and wind resistance are fantastic when compared to more expensive options. I was rather disappointed that the tent didn’t come with any noticeable form of warranty. I personally can’t understand it as it is a rather good quality tent.

I hope it is an error on my end as it is certainly a downfall to the product. Other limitations include a lack of emergency exit and only having one door way and no windows. Secondly the awning option can only be used if you happen to be carrying a pair of hiking sticks with you. Considering that this is a hiking tent that wouldn’t be too uncommon.

The tent comes with loads of pegs and guy lines which are of a bright color to allow for extra safety by reducing a tipping hazard and the tents package itself is light and very practible to carry, set up time is pretty good with two people and to be honest i’m very happy with the product over all. I would recommend this to couples seeking adventure and I am confident you won’t have your adventures ruined by the tent failing you in bad weather.

If you have any questions or you would like to mention anything about this tent I may have forgotten or if you know of its warranty level then please either comment below or send me an email I would love to hear from you.


Happy Endless Adventures


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