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Description: Vango Odyssey Air 800, Epsom

Type: Vis a Vis (face to face) Inflatable

Size: 8 person (Twin Couple Comfort)

Customer score: 3 / 5 Stars

Our Score: 67% = 3.2 / 5 stars

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Vango Odyssey Air 800 – Categories and Score Breakdown Review

The Vango 800 tent is a rather large vis a vis (face to face) designed tent. This design essential involves two tents facing each other connecting to a centralized room. But this tent has an added twist. It is entirely supported with air. No Tent Poles ! Let’s have a look at how it scored in the below variables.


A general rule of thumb when purchasing a new tent is to consider the price for what you get. A good quality tent should never be more than $100 per person. In the case of the Vango odyssey Air 800 that price has been achieved. Because prices can fluctuate I won’t be posting an exact $$$ price but if you would like to have a look you can check it out here.


The material of your tent is heavily dependent upon where you are located and the weather conditions it must perform against. As a general rule plastics score low and canvas or poly-canvas score high. Most plastics flap about in the wind, can be easily damaged, get damaged in the sun, lose their color, are poor insulators and sag.

They are however incredibly water resistant before any additional water proofing is added, are cheaper to use and are more resistant to developing mold and rot in contrast to canvas. The Vango Odyssey Air 800 has a Protex 70 denier polyester fire retardant flysheet, which has been claimed by Vango to be both durable and reliable. Customer reviews seem to agree with this despite the denier level being slightly lower than average, 75-90 denier is quite common.

Denier simply refers to the thickness of a thread of material which correlates to its abilities of performance and strength. In contrast to this it is well-known that a lower denier level results in smaller holes between each thread of the material which assists with water resistance, which we will explain further. I unfortunately couldn’t find a thread count score for this particular tent which could offer some reassurance to customers that the tent is of good quality.


 Vango Odyssey Air 800 Features

The Vango Odyssey Air 800 comes packed with great features, The only reason it failed to score 100% in this area is due to no emergency exits anywhere should there be a need for a quick exit or if zips etc fail. Other than that one issue there really is a bunch of great features with this tent. First off the tent comes with a rain fly, which is essentially another layer of material over the tent, what they have done with this design is create a light colored rain fly that doubles as a skylight in the central vestibule area providing extra light during the day should you need it.

The material is fire retardant and is claimed to exceed the minimum requirements of safety by the European safety standards EN5912. Basically that’s a good thing. I would go further into this but it is quite a large document. Should you be curious to investigate further simply click here:EN5912 and click on the preview.

The material is claimed to be breathable, though there are claims on customer reviews that there is poor ventilation and insulation inside the center vestibule despite there being two doors, and both high and low ventilation flaps. This could very well be due to the tent not being set up correctly to increase wind currents for ventilation or perhaps the customer set up their tent is some very adverse conditions.

Head room is not an issue with this tent in both the center area and bedrooms and is boasted as a feature due to head room typically being an issue in camping tents, though the height is only 2 meters so those who are taller won’t get to enjoy this feature as much as those who are shorter.

There are two large clear plastic PVC windows which come with curtains and is praised as being diamond clear. These windows allow the option for extra light or darkness and offer weather protected views should the weather turn for the worst. Customer reviews however highlight that the windows create unwanted additional heat and are not overly clear as claimed, many voicing that no see um mesh windows with weather sealing curtains were are more desirable option.

To offer comfort in contrast to these claims the tent does come with two opposing doors which are installed with both mesh screens and sealed screens to offer both the option of protection from weather and bugs and to maximize opportunity for a wind tunnel for ventilation for the center vestibule.

Connected to the center area are two reverse facing tents acting as separate rooms for either sleeping quarters, storage or simply a fun area for the kids. The bedrooms come with two internal door ways linked with separate doors allowing both privacy and flexibility of layout.

The bedrooms also has a lights out design which essentially means this area is made of a darker material resulting in darker light levels for longer periods of time. This feature provides you with the option to sleep longer and not having your sleep patterns dictated by the sun should you choose that option.

Though the bedrooms have sewn in ground sheets the center vestibule does not. Instead, it features what is called a linked in ground sheet. Linked in ground sheets have positive  and negative areas to consider. Linked in ground sheets allow for more ventilation because the tent isn’t fully sealed. This also allows any water that has leaked into the tent to be removed.

You can also roll back the ground sheet to expose the grass should you desire. The feature allows manufacturers to offer their products at a cheaper price. The downside to this feature is that the tent is not completely sealed which means moisture, and pests can enter this area easier.

Due to not being completely sealed the tent may also struggle with insulation at night. A solution to this would be to purchase a separate tent tarp or ground sheet to erect the tent upon. Unfortunately linked in ground sheets also make the tent more difficult to set up, which may be an area for manufacturers to consider improving as customer reviews claim the tent is rather difficult to set up and can take 10-15 min, depending on level of experience.

On a positive note the Vango Odyssey Air 800 does come with high visibility guy lines which are essential for safety. One of the most common causes of minor injury to campers is guy lines which have low visibility resulting in avoidable trips and falls, secondly repeated trip on the tentioned guy lines may end up damaging the tents stitching or material.

The internal area of the tent comes with a number of internal pockets for storing essential items and even has cable entries to allow safe passage of power cords should you require them. If you’re going old school and relying on battery powered lanterns then this tent also has lantern hanging points available in both the center area and bedrooms.



Durability and reliability are very important for your camping tent. You don’t want to pay a big sum of money only to have your shelter fail you when you need it most. Secondly the tent needs to reach the same consistent level of performance for a decent amount of time to be worth its cost. The Vango Odyssey Air 800 is claimed to achieve both and general customer feed back agrees. But don’t just take their word for it. lets take a look at why this tent scored so high for durability

The first thing to consider is structural integrity, this tent comes with the Vango tbsII (Tension band system) which is credited for greatly improving stability. This is incredibly important when you consider that the tent is being held up by inflatable tubes. When tensioned, three bands act as a 3 point brace which is connected to the center ceiling of the tent, this greatly prevents any sideways movement. Even better is that the tension system is removable if the weather is fine and not really required.

Check out the video below to learn more:

Tension band systems aside, this tent also comes with loads of tent pegs and guy lines. You don’t have to use all of them but if it is windy, you need to remember that this big tents could become one very expensive kite. In my opinion it is in your best interest to take full advantage of these pegs and guy lines. Finally, the seams of the tent are all double sewed and sealed with tape, this means your tent isn’t going to fall apart and moisture isn’t able to build up in the stitching, which could slowly weaken your tent.

 Vango 800 Tent Dimensions

While this is not the biggest camping tent, the package on this tent claims it is suitable for 8 people. If anyone has ever bought a tent before then you know that this really means enough room for 8 sleeping bags and not much else. A general rule is to always half what the product says. That being said I am suggesting that for a comfortable,flexible, enjoyable non clutter relaxing experience that this tent is for 4 people instead of eight.

If you consider that is exactly that…tents for couples then what I am suggesting here is that this tent is ideal for a couple with 2 children or perhaps a group of two couples who are camping together or traveling together. The tent is far to big for only two people.

However, that is only my opinion and if you would like to make up your own mind the dimensions have been provided



This tent scored very poorly for maneuverability. When you consider that this tent as a package weighs 50 odd pounds or 22 odd kilograms its easy to see why. To be manageable a tent needs to be easy to carry from a method of transport to the camping destination. Carrying this heavy package over a long distance is impracticable and certainly not suitable to do solo when you consider safety and the environment the transportation may be taking place upon.

This particular tent will require multiple people to carry or as customer reviews have suggested some form of carrying wagon. This is only on consideration on a short distance. This tent is not suitable for hiking to a camp site. On a positive note The package does come with an easy carry bag which is designed  bigger to allow easier pack up.

Tent Insulation

Though Vango does offer season graded tents this particular model doesn’t seem to specify one on their website, leaving one to presume it is a tent for fine weather with moderate temperature ranges. This is highly contextual to where you live, a safe bet would be to go for a temperature range between 15 – 25 C (daytime) as the tent does not come with insulation or thicker material and therefore would not be suitable or comfortable for temperatures exceeding 30c or dropping below 15c.

A good quality sleeping bad could accommodate the lower temperatures at night but in terms of practical use of the tent during the day temperatures outside this range would not be comfortable.

Wind Resistant Tent

The Odyssey Air 800 is weather tested to perform beyond the European standard EN5912 and certified. As mentioned earlier the EN5912 standards guide is rather large and detailed, click the previously mentioned link if you want to investigate further. To support these claims the tens has a smooth round edge design to assist with wind resistance.

Also, as mentioned earlier in the features section this tent comes with a stability system and a lot of tent pegs and guy lines.

Tent Waterproof Rating

The level of water resistance for this tent is considerably impressive. A hydro static head of at least 1000 is recommended for most tents to prevent water from entering trough the material in bad weather. This particular tent has a 4000 hydro static head. This is due to the added waterproofing coat of Protex.

A water repellent specifically designed to seal  small gaps in material. This may be the reason why the tent scored low on its denier level earlier in the materials section. Secondly as mentioned earlier in the durability section the tents seams are taped and sealed which also adds to water resistance. Thirdly like most tents the ground sheets are also waterproof including the linked in ground sheet in the vestibule area.

Camping Tent Manufacturers: Warranty Level

The warrant offered for this product is rather disappointing and possibly no existent depending on your location. This item like all Vango tents come with a standard Vango user warranty, This warrant is only for two years after purchase and is surprisingly limited with its terms of coverage. There is an option to extend the warranty by registering your new product with Vango online within 6 months of the purchase. The warranty only covers manufacturer faults for the above mentioned amounts of time and does not include fault by general wear and tear over time

Check out the warranty for yourself.


Tent Set Up

The set up time claimed is rather conflicting as Vango and amazon suggest either 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Due to this I am simply going to say it takes between these two times to set up.

Looking at the customer reviews time average time to set up this is also the the same. It takes between 10-15 minutes to unpack and erect. notably in the customers reviews it was mentioned that the set up is rather difficult and requires a minimum of two people to set up, specifically due to limited instructions provided.

Though it was also mentioned that the inflation of the tent was rather easy and stress free.

Pack up is a different story and no time averages were provided by either the companies or customer reviews. It was highlighted by customers though that the pack up is rather difficult and there have been issues reported regarding removing all the air from the tents inflatable poles. It was advised by customers to take photos or a recording of the tents set up and pack up for future reference.

To end on a positive note the easy carry bag does have an increased size to accommodate for such difficulties.

Final Thoughts

As you would have just read this particular product has a rather mixed review. The tent scored really well on price, size, durability, water and wind resistance and has a generous amount of features. Unfortunate because of the size of the tent it scored really low for maneuverability. For what it is I believe this tent really fell short of what it had the potential to be. In terms of camping couples I don’t believe it is practible or suitable, especially for hiking. It would be a great tent for a couple with kids in a camping ground close to the car, however because the tent is so large that may limit your options.

This tent really could have improved its score with an increased warranty, mesh exterior windows and a completely sealed ground sheet all the way through. The material schematics needed to show thread count to increase consumer confidence and perhaps an alternate material method could have been applied to allow for specific seasons ratings. No season rating really limited the temperature range this tent could be used comfortably.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope it has helped you make an informed decision. Remember how you perceive your tents performance is how you will perceive the tent irrelevant of the cost.

If you have any further questions or if you disagree with a particular point in this review I encourage open, honest, respectful engagement. Please comment below or contact me at:


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  1. Hi there, very informative review on a product that really tells that you know what your talking about! my only feedback would be that for people who just want an easily readable review is to cut the long paragraphs shorter maybe up to 3-4 lines? Other than that you’re like a professional reviewer!

    1. Thank you so much. You are absolute correct, I got carried away and need to make those paragraphs smaller and more enjoyable to read.

  2. Great review! We used to have a tent similar to that and it was suppose to sleep 8, but like you said, it would sleep 8 leaving no room for supplies. So usually we could only sleep 3 of 4. I especially like this one because it has the extra room that can be used for storage. Thanks for such a great, in-depth review.

    1. No worries =) I reckon I could find you a more suitable tent for your needs if you want to email me what specs you are looking for =)

  3. I’ve been looking for a tent and glad I got to read this review.

    I’m glad you mentioned the one exist. I’m concerned about that and having been in safety myself, I always look at the places of exists. Also the weight and the bulk is something I’m not sure would be a lot of fun carrying.

    I do like the size and the number of people that comfortably sleep in this tent. Can you recommend a good tent for 4 people?

  4. I’ll make my next review just for you miss, are there any other specification you are interested besides comfortable sleeping for 4?

  5. This is really fascinating, I’ve never ever heard of an ‘air’ tent. I’ve only ever seen tents with poles.

    I LOVE the layout of this – you could have the kids on one side, adults on the other, and dogs in the middle! Only issue, is it looks HUGE – Do you know if they make a smaller version, like maybe a 6 person unit?

    Size is an issue for us, as we just got back from camping and while we have a 6 person tent (4 people, 2 dogs), it took up the whole site!

    Thanks for this cool review.

    1. I reckon I can find smaller and more affordable. Come on back to the site and ill have a few more reviews done. If your after something specific I’ll point you in the write direction =)

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