Wenzel 8 Person Camping Tent

Product Overview

Description: 8 Person Family Camping Cabin Tent By Wenzel

Type: Klondike Cabin

Size: 8 Person ( Appropriate for a couple with children or 2-4 People )

Customer score: 4/5 Stars

Our Score: 4/5 Stars

Where To Buy: Amazon.com

Quick Points

  • Legal Disclaimer: California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.
  • Great Price, Less than $100 per person space.
  • Weather Armour Polyester tent rain-fly with polyurethane coating.
  • Thick welded polythalene floor.
  • Mesh ventilated roof.
  • 2 Mesh and seal able windows.
  • Rear base vent
  • Two meshes protected doorways.
  • Mesh and seal able, whether and sun protected vestibule extension room.
  • Gear loft.
  • 2 mesh pockets for item.
  • Very durable flexible fiberglass poles.
  • Tethered reinforced grommets.
  • Double sewn lap-felled seams.
  • Reinforced zip.
  • Zips protected with whether proof coating.
  • Zip flaps.
  • Very sizable Claims to sleep 8,more ideal for a couple with children or a couple car camping with plenty of gear needing space.
  • 98ft interior, 60ft screen area 6.5ft height, plenty of room to stand and move around.
  • Very Manoevrable for car camping, not suitable for hiking.
  • Carry package size and weigh: medium, 27.3lbs. Appropriate to carry short walking distances.
  • 3 season whether comfort.
  • Excellent wind resistance.
  • Slanted deign to roll wind off wall.
  • Flexible fiberglass poles reinforced angle connections.
  • Plenty of ground pegs.
  • Plenty of guy lines for stability.
  • Very water resistant.
  • Polyurethane protected polyester rain fly.
  • Weather sealed seams.
  • Highly water resistant ground sheet.
  • Bathtub design higher seams welded higher up the tent body to prevent running or building water entering.
  • 10 years manufacturers fault warrant.
  • Medium to long set up 10-15 minutes for 1 person with practice. Less time for more people.

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The Wenzel Klondike Family Tent is the best tent we have reviewed to date. It is great value for money as it is packed full of great features and provides a comfortable relaxing camping experience for a fantastic price. What determines a great price for a tent is that it costs less than $100 per claimed sleeping space. As you would expect the fewer features and sleeping spaces the lower the over all cost.

That is not the case in the example of this tent. It is well-made and very durable and its cost is very affordable when compared to other tents.


Depending on your camping needs, what material your tent is made of can either make or break your experience. You want material that is strong rip resistant and water resistant. The product under review certainly has these criteria achieved.

The tents inner base structure is made of heavy-duty waterproof polyethylene welded higher up onto the tents main body which is polyester. The tents outer layer is a whether armored polyurethane coated polyester rainfly with an added UV protection layer added for the vestibule area.

Polyester is a fantastic lightweight material which has natural water resistant abilities. One downside to polyester is that is it a poor insulator and doesn’t perform well for ventilation. Excessive sun exposure can warp and weaken the material over time. With these issue highlighted it is important to set up camp in a partly shaded area, secondly the vestibule area is the only UV protected section so setting that area up in full all day sun should be fine.

There’s no need to worry about ventilation as the tent comes with plenty of added ventilation features, covered further in the post.

The option to add your own UV protection coating is also available.


Everyone want value for money. It is worth highlighting that The Wenzel Klondike Family Tent has plenty of features to ensure both a pleasurable and relaxing camping experience.

First thing to mention is the front vestibule. It is spacious and has two seal able mesh protected window and one large mesh protected seal able door. These features allow you enjoy a relaxing breeze protected from pests and also allows for whether protection should the need arise.

The spacious inside of the tent allows for walking head room a rear vent two screen mesh seal able windows and one circular sealed door. It is evident to say the design of the tent is completely customizable for wind current ventilation and also has plenty of protection to prevent water entering. If that isn’t enough the entire inner room is a ventilated fly mesh, which is whether protected by the outer rain fly.

Plenty of storage options as the tent comes with 2 mesh storage pockets and a separable luggage loft.


In the context of camping tents, durability refers to a tents ability to remain in consistent working order for a relatively long duration of time. This includes all performances of water protection, the material’s strength and lack of sagging, the poles maintaining the tents shape and above all the ability for the tent to protect you during poor whether. The Wenzel Klondike Family Tent scored very well for durability. This was achieved by its design and use of material’s

Firstly, the tents poles and frame is made of flexible fiberglass which is reinforced with corner joints. Because the tent is slanted but not of a dome like design the tent requires these angled joints to provide the poles with additional strength and support for both holding up the tent structure but also allows them to maintain flexibility for movement with wind.

All the tents peg points and guy line points are made from separate reinforced tethers of material which are attached to the tents very durable reinforced double sewn lap-felled seams, which also have a water protection applied to them. The water protection added to the seams prevents any build up of moisture or dirt withing the seams which can weaken them.

With all of these reinforced grommets seams and stitching the tent performs very with whatever weather is thrown at it. Secondly this design of seams and stitching result in consistent long-lasting strength for both the stitching and the material.

With so many windows and doors the tent comes with a lot of zips. These zips need t perform perfectly first time every time. This tent achieves this requirement by using reinforced nylon coil zippers which are also protected from the weather with zip flaps and an additional whether protection agent added. With the zips seams being reinforced this means the zips can do their job without failing under stretching or strained stress placed on them during the tents erected state. Secondly the weatherproofing and flap covering the zips protect the zips from moisture, rain, rust and a build up of dirt.


Size is important for two reasons. One you want enough room to sleep the required amount of people. Secondly you want room for your belongings. This tent is very spacious. It claims to be an 8 person tent. Though this is not incorrect, the terminology is referring to the number of seeping bags it can fit into it. the size isn’t claiming to be enough for 8 people and all of their belongings plus walk ways to and from entries and exits or even spare room to make use of the large vestibule. To be fair to the consumer and the product, includes would suggest that this tent is more suitable for a couple with children or simply a couple with a lot of tables and chair camping equipment requiring space.

The interior is 98 square feet with a height of 6.5 ft

The vestibule are is 60square feet with a height of 6.0ft.


I’m sure you’ve figured out by this stage that this sizable camping tent is not suitable for hiking. It is more suitable for car camping or for camping with a short walking distance to the desired camp site. That said the actual tents package is rather maneuverable within this context.

The total weight of the tent package is 27.3lbs and would certainly require two people to carry a short distance to the camp site. As wonderful as this tent is, it just isn’t safe or practible to be used as a hiking tent as the weight and size of the package would be too awkward and potentially dangerous to carry over long distances. No one wants to get injured carrying a tent and have their trip ruined so please consider where you are camping and its accessibility before using this tent. Safety first folks.

Season Rating

Season rating refers to the level of temperature a tent can maintain protection and comfort to its occupants. The Wenzel Klondike Family Tent has a 3 season rating. This level of season protection means the tent is appropriate to use in all seasons except a winter with subzero temperatures.

It should be recommended that despite a tents season rating that you research the area which you are going to be camping in. By researching the predicted whether and temperature range you can pack clothing accordingly. Secondly you can also ensure your sleeping bag is up to the task of keeping you warm at night.

I would certainly recommend a good sleeping bag with this tent as it is made of polyester. Though it is well protected from rain and has plenty of ventilation options, polyester is a poor insulator and won’t keep you warm at night on its own.

Wind Resistance

Unless you want an expensive kite, you probably want to ensure your tent has a good wind resistance rating. This item scored very well in wind resistance. This high level of resistance was achieved by its design. Firstly to prevent an increased pressure of wind of the tents walls they are slightly slanted up. This allows for wind to roll off the tent walls and also to enter through the tents roof vent. As mentioned earlier in the post, the tents poles are strong flexible fiberglass which is rather supported with reinforced angle joint connections. All of this material and framing is supported by plenty of guy lines, which add plenty of stability. Finally, to prevent the whole thing flying off on you there is plenty of peg points to fasten the tent to the ground.

Water Resistance

Lets be honest, you probably aren’t camping to spend all of your time in a tent. But of course with the unpredictable nature of the whether you probably will find yourself waiting out a storm in a tent at some point in your camping life. It is at this exact moment you will either be grateful for a tent that keeps you and your belongings nice and dry or you’ll be cursing the entire time drenched and wishing you had purchased a better tent.

The Wenzel Klondike Family Tent scored very well for water resistance. This is because of the tents design and water resistant features. Firstly the outer tents rainfly is made from a naturally water resistant polyester which has then been coated in a waterproof polyurethane coating. This Pu coating completely seals any small gaps there may be in the polyesters threads and also aids in the water beading off of the tent. All the tents durable seams also have an added water resistant sealant added to prevent any water seeping through causing moisture to enter the tent but also preventing mold building up and weakening the seams.

The groundsheet is a thick waterproof material which is welded high up onto the tents walls. This design of floor to tent body seaming is call a bathtub deign the design essentially prevents ground water from entering the tent.

A few varied customers have expressed concerns of slight leaking during heavy rain. I would argue that this is a warranty issue and that those tents should be replaced. The majority of customer feedback suggests that the tent is waterproof during storms.

Though to be extra sure, you can always apply your own water sealant or tape to the tents seam as this is a popular practice among camping enthusiasts anyway.

Guarantee Level

If your tent fails due to a production fault you won’t need to worry as this tent comes with a 10-year manufacturers warranty. This warranty will cover most design failures including above water leak example.

however, the warranty does not cover wear and tear or miss-use.

To achieve the maximum life from your tent and avoid failure from general ware and tear please read our free tent care hints and tips post

How To Care For Your Tent

Set Up Time

Larger tents generally take longer to set up. This is no different for the Wenzel Klondike Family Tent as the tent is not of a quick set up or pop up design. The design is more traditional with the need to set out the separate pieces and place the appropriate poles into the correct places, followed by pegging the base down, added the rain fly and finally attaching the guy lines. This process take roughly 10-15 minutes with practice.

The same applies for the tents pack up except in reverse, 10-15 minutes with practice. It is always a good idea to do a few practice set up and pack ups at home before going on your adventure. This can be handy to identify potential tent issues and will also aid yo in setting up the tent in an efficient manner that won’t damage the tent.

The times specified is for a single person and presuming good communication and team work will take less time to complete.

Final Thoughts

My Final thoughts are that this tent is an excellent purchase. The price in consideration of its performance and features is fantastic. The tent scored perfectly for cost, size and wind resistance. Though I would not use this tent in arctic winds it scored full points in the context of family weekend camping. Very high scores for Manoevrability, water resistance and features. Though it doesn’t have any hols for cable management it has plenty of room for storage and locations to hang light lanterns.

The tent is suitable for 3 seasonal use, though includes do recommended a good sleeping bag and wearing whether appropriate clothing. The endless views from the 4 windows and 2 doors is amazing with its added mesh insect protection. Though the tent is made of poor ventilation polyester, there are plenty of areas to customize ventilation and control comfort levels. All the windows and doors are seal able protecting you from wind and rain.

The tent comes with a 10-year manufacturers warranty and is simply ideal for weekend car camping. Sadly the tent is not suitable for hiking as it is far to bulk and heavy for that.

I’m very confident that this tent will provide you with am enjoyable camping experience.

Happy Camping Everyone =)

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