Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent

Product Overview

Description: Wenzel Ridgline Tent

Type: Ridgeline semi Dome

Size: 3 Person ( Suitable for a lightly packed couple)

Customer score: 4/5 Stars

Our Score: 3.6/5 Stars

Where To Buy: Amazon.com

Quick Points

  • Legal Disclaimer: California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.
  • Good Price for a 3 person tent.
  • Polyester tent.
  • Polyester rainfly with added polyurethane water resistant coating.
  • Good UV properties.
  • Welded polyethylene floor.
  • Plenty of Features.
  • Light reflective internal material.
  • Central ceiling light storage.
  • No-see-um Mesh.
  • 2 windows and 1 door.
  • Both the door and window have a ridge awning, providing extra protection during rain.
  • Dutch D-Style Door.
  • Internal E-Port for electricals.
  • Internal storage pocket and gear loft.
  • Very Durable.
  • Alloy tipped shock corded flexible fiberglass poles.
  • Tethered reinforced grommets and clips.
  • Double sewn lap-felled seams
  • Strong nylon coiled zips.
  • Zip flaps to protect zips from moisture, frost and dirt
  • Size for 3 sleeping bags.
  • Appropriate for a lightly packed couple.
  • Measures 7 x 4.2 x 7 feet (W x H x D).
  • Weighs 7.3 pounds.
  • Lightweight package.
  • Very easy to carry and store.
  • Suitable for family camping.
  • Non specified season rating.
  • Presumably only suitable for warmer seasons.
  • Not suitable for winter camping.
  • Not suitable for expedition or extreme weather such as arctic exploration.
  • Moderate wind resistant.
  • No guylines.
  • Plenty of peg points.
  • Flexible fiberglass poles for resistance.
  • Dome shape design assist with win resistance.
  • Great water resistance.
  • Seam sealed polyurethane polyester rainfly.
  • Sealable windows and door flaps.
  • Water proof polyethylene floor with welded seems.
  • Extra seam sealant not included but always recommended.
  • Limited manufacturers warranty.
  • Fairly easy and quick set up/ pack up.
  • 5-10 minutes set-up for 2 people with practice.

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In today’s competitive camping market price for quality is everything. It is very rare for a quality tent to be over $100 per sleeping space. Most camping tent are far under this price and are still rather good quality. That is why we remove points from tents that are over this price as its not necessary and only justifiable for extreme weather specified tents. Such tents are used on expeditions to climb Mt. Everest or exploring the poles. The Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent is a great example of an affordable good quality tent.


This tent is made from polyester, a synthetic polymer that is lightweight with tear, mold and water resistant properties. Most polyester tents perform poorly with exposure to excessive UV rays and will begin to sag and fade. However, this tent comes with UV protective Properties due to an additional UV/Waterproofing polyurethane coated rainfly. Legal Disclaimer: California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning. To ensure your tent lasts a long time, it is advised to set your tent up in partial shade.

As mentioned the material is lightweight, while this is fantastic to achieve a more practible tent package, it’s downside is that it is a poor insulator and doesn’t ventilate very well. However, most tents made of this material have features included in the design to overcome such limitations. These features include windows, doors, vents and mesh ceiling designed to maximize ventilation and ensure higher comfort levels for camping enthusiasts. To prevent any water entering through the floor or the seams at the base of the tent, the tent comes with a polyethylene floor which has been welded seamed to the main tent body. This floor will be explained further in the water resistance section


More bang for your buck. Despite being affordable and made of good quality material, a tent need that something extra to increase enjoyment for campers. The Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent has loads of features, some rather standard and a few unique ones.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this tent is its reflective internal walls. The tent has been specially designed to reflect light on the inside, allowing for a more efficient and complete lighting experience at night. This is assisted by the tents roof storage pockets. The pockets provide space for a lamp and your personal valuables, such as phones and keys.

The tent comes with 1 doorway and two windows. The windows, door and the tents ceiling are all provided with no-see-um mesh. This mesh is made of nylon and provided a strong secure protection from pests whilst also providing increased ventilation. The windows and doors have a ridged awning, providing extra protection during rain. All windows and doors are sealable, should the weather turn into a bad storm. The Door is of a dutch D-stylee design and there is an internal E-port for electronics should it be needed.

Check out this video and these great lamps.


Durability is important yet unfortunately usually expensive. Surprisingly despite its low cost this tent is of a rather good quality and scored very well for durability. The tent poles are alloy tipped shock corded fiberglass poles. Personally I believe this is the most durable type of pole for lightweight camping. The alloy tips prevent the fiberglass from chipping during assembly or pack up. Chipped tip can lead to split poles and that mean its time for new poles. The internal shock cord acts as added flexibility for the poles joints, whist also keeping all the poles together for pack up and enabling an easier construction.

The tent body has both tethered reinforced grommets and clips. These clips allow for a shared weight load and easier assembly as they attach straight to the tent poles. The tethered grommets allow for tent pegs to be safely inserted by sharing weight load and providing extra strength where needed. The Seams of the tent are double sewn Lap-felled. These types of seams provide incredible strength

and durability where the material joins.

The same method of sewing is used for attaching the tents string nylon coiled zips which are also protected from moisture, dirt and frost with zip flaps. These methods of sewing will ensure a first time every time reliable zip. With good tent practices and the occasional reapplication of seam sealant and water resistant coatings, the tent and its materials will last a good amount of time. Here is a great ground sheet to set your tent upon. This groundsheet
will provide extra protection for your tents floor by preventing sharp
stones piercing the material. It also acts to further prevent water
entering through the floor should there be any leaks.


If you think size does not matter… you must be new to camping. Camping as a couple often means a double sleeping bag and room required for storage and maybe a small walkway to the exit. The Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent clams to be a size for 3. However, this only refers to the amount of sleeping bag the tent can fit into it. To camp comfortably, snug but not cramped, I would recommend that this tent is only for 2. The dimensions of the tent are suitable for either a lightly packed traveling couple or for car camping with most belongings in the car and maybe just the essentials and a backpack inside the tent.

The Tent Measures 7 x 4.2 x 7 feet (W x H x D)


If you’re familiar with camping, then you are aware of just how easy all the items add up. Depending on your camping style this may not be an issue. If most of your belonging are in your vehicle then the weight of your tent isn’t too much of an issue. However, if you are hiking or need to walk a short/long distance to across various terrain, then the wight and manoevrability of your tent is an important factor to consider.

You will be pleased to know that this tent is both lightweight and easy to carry. Secondly the carry case is easy to carry and store away. The total weight of the package is only 7.3lbs and is suitable for both car camping and hiking camping.

Check out this review from a verified Customer.

Season Rating

Whether you live in America or overseas, you must consider the climate, weather and season you are preparing to camp in. A great way to prepare for this is to purchase camping equipment and sleeping bags that have appropriate temperature ratings for your chosen camping environment. However, not all tents come with season ratings.

Like most affordable polyester tents The Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent does not come with a season rating. This essentially means that the material is only polyester and doesn’t have any additional insulation materials added. As mentioned earlier in the materials section, polyester is a poor insulator and while this tent and others try to fix the situation with increased ventilation it still won’t hold a consistent comfortable temperature at night.

Fear not, this issue is easily overcome with two simple steps. Step one, bring and wear appropriate weather related clothing, hot/cold etc. Step two. Purchase an insulated sleeping bag that will keep you at a comfortable temperature at night. With these step in place I am confident that this tent can with stand 3 season excluding winter. Depending on where you are winter may be far too cold ad require an insulated tent with specific winter weather features added such as internal log warmers etc.

Winter excluded, this tent with the right clothing and sleeping bag will keep you nice and snug no matter the season or weather.

Wind Resistance

Polyester tents are lightweight, this can mean they will flap about a fair bit in the wind if the design isn’t done right. This tent has above average to moderate wind resistant capabilities. That being said it is not suitable for excessive winds found on Mt. Everest or during Arctic exploration. This tent is best suited for standard camping and the winds and weather you would expect to experience in that environment.

The Tent does not come with any guy line with its rainfly as the rainfly attached straight down into the tents peg grommets. Guylines are great for increasing stability, but are not always necessary. This tent comes with plenty of peg points to ensure the tent remains grounded. The fiberglass poles are curved and designed to be under tension and will provide the tent with flex during heavy winds. This flex in combination with the tents dome like design allows for wind to roll off and around the tent body instead of taking the full force.

With these features working together the tents material is secured and firm which can reduce flapping of the material allowing for a secure and quite wind resistant experience when trying to sleep. It is worth highlighting that the tents poles can fold under intense wind but will not break. If you are in a storm its is recommended to attach guylines to the tent to provide additional stability.

Water Resistance

Poor weather and heavy rain can catch even the most experienced explorers off guard. That is why it is important to ensure you have a tent that is going to keep out the water and keep you and your belongings nice and dry.

The Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent scored very well for its water resistant abilities. The rain fly of the tent is polyester which is known for its natural water resistant capabilities. The rainfly also has an added polyurethane waterproof coating to further improve the water resistance. The coating allows for increased water beading, resulting in the water rolling off and not soaking into the material.

However, the tents rainfly and inner body does not have sealed seams. It is highly recommended waterproofing your seems with either seam take or a sealant to ensure no water will leak through the tents stitching.

Both of the tents windows and one door are completely sealable should the weather turn for the worst, however if the rain isn’t too heavy the tent can remain open as the tents inbuilt ridges will provide extra cover to keep the water away from the windows and door. The floor of the tent is made of waterproof polyethylene and is welded to the tent’s main body. This allows for no water to enter via the tent floors seams should water built up or run against your tent. Though this tent doesn’t come with seam sealant it is always recommended applying your own sealants to ensure a water tight experience.

Guarantee Level

Sadly this tent only come with a manufacturers warrant which is
rather disappointing considering how well-made the tent is. This
warranty usually covers manufacturer fault for a year and doesn’t cover
general wear and tear. Don’t let this limited warrant discourage you as
verified custom reviews certain support how well-made this tent truly

Verified Purchase Customer Reviews

The limit warrant will be the least of your worries should you
practice correct camping tent care. For hint and tips on how to ensure a
Long life for your tent check out our tent care guide.

How To Care For Your Tent

Set Up Time

The Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent is simple and rather quick to set up and pack up. Depending on the weather this may come in handy. Though this tent is not of an instant pop up design it is still very efficient. The claimed setup time for this tent is between 5-10 minutes depending on practice and the number of people. Obviously two experienced people could set it up much quicker. Similar results as expressed by verified purchase customers claiming around 10 minutes for both pack up and set up.

Don’t forget to always practice setting up your tent before going on your adventures. This will allow you to familiars yourself with your tent and allow you to set it up efficiently in a weather emergency without error or damage. Secondly presetting up your tent will allow you to identify any unforeseen issues with the tent. Perhaps there are new holes from rodents or perhaps the seam will need a new sealant.

Final Thoughts

This tent scored very well for price, durability, manoevrability and water resistance and I am confident it will allow for an enjoyable camping experience for both car camping and lightweight moderate hiking camping. However, the tent didn’t score so well for its warrant and season rating. Though these features are disappointing the issues are easily overcome with good tent care practices and ensuring you bring temperature appropriate clothing and sleeping bags. The features of the tent are impressive in consideration of its affordable price, with an interesting internal light reflective design. The tent though claimed for three people it is best suited for a lightly packed couple who are traveling together or are simply camping for getaway together.

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